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Chris S
Can you get in trouble for not helping a sick or injured stranger you might run into?

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In some instances. If a starnger has been hit by a car or hurting. You can call the police.

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Yes, in most states it is required to lend aid and assistance in life threatening situations. It's called the "Good Samaritan Act" and it protects you from liability when doing so.

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no, in fact if you were to help offer assistance and something went wrong...IE: you give CPR / mouth to mouth and they die, you could be sued. (learned that in a CPR certification course)

I would always call for help though...
unless time was a factor, say a car burning victim.
We should always do everything in our powers to offer help though.
Wouldn't you appreciate it if your life was on the line?

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if they die

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Baby Raptor
No there is no compulsory requirement to aid strangers. In some states if you have medical training you can get sued if you do help someone and they turn out badly.

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not in the us . although its kinda mean

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The Chesire Cat
no, but how could you just ignore it..if you dont physiclly help them, how could you not at least go and call 911 or the emergency services to report it..

If I am not going to physically touch them, I would have to immediatly call for help..I guess its just a moral issue for me, not a legal one...

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"Good Sameritan Act" - many states have it, but NOT all. Read below to see what it is..........

Senate Bill 601 went into effect January 1, 1978. This is specifically
identified in the statutes as Section 1714.2, Chapter 595, California Civil
Code. This is a Good Samaritan Law which protects the average person on
the street from being sued if he attempts to give emergency cardiac care.
It specifically exempts the non-professional person, who in good faith
renders emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the scene of
an emergency from civil liability for any damages resulting from an act or
omission in rendering the emergency care; if that person has satisfactorily
completed a basic CPR course which complies with the standards adopted
by the American Heart Association or by the American Red Cross for CPR
and emergency cardiac care.

The latest and most complete Good Samaritan Statute is Assembly Bill 1301
which became law in the State of California on May 10, 1978. There are two
sections of the statute which have a great significance on the rendering of
emergency medical care to others and they are identified as Sections 1766
& 1767, Article 4, Chapter 130, California Health and Safety Code.

Section 1766 reads: "In order to encourage local agencies and other
organizations to train people in emergency medical services, no local
agency, entity of state or local emergency medical services, no local
private organization which sponsors, authorizes, supports, finances, or
supervises the training of people,In.In emergency medical services shall
be liable for any civil damages alleged to result from such training

Section 1767 reads "In order to encourage people to participate in
emergency medical services training programs and to render emergency
medical services to others, no person who in good faith renders
emergency care at the scene of an emergency shall be liable for any act or

Thus, there is very clear-cut protection for the would-be rescuer. Now, he
or she can give help with complete peace of mind and concentrate on the
help that is being given rather than having to worry about whether the
help should be given at all. The average person now has full immunity for
helping another person even if the person being helped is injured further
or dies while being helped. The rescue attempt is an act of mercy and has
complete immunity from civil suit under the law.

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Bronwen Eats Forbidden Fruit
I am not certain which way you meant your question.

If you meant do you get in trouble if you run into someone in your car or on your bike, and you injure them, and you don't give aid, the answer is yes, you do get into trouble. You have caused an accident with injuries, and leaving the scene of an accident, any accident, is against the law. If you run into someone, you need to call for help, and stay at the scene.

If you meant that you just happen to come across someone who is already sick or injured when you find them, and you choose not to give aid, then the answer is no, you do not get in trouble with the law for that. Helping a stranger is entirely up to you. However, if you choose to give aid, such as CPR, you need to know that you must continue. Stopping CPR after you have started can get you into trouble. You need to wait to be relieved by another person or by a policeman or EMT.

It is entirely up to you whether you choose to play the good samaritan or not if you find someone who has been injured. However, consider this: if it were you or your loved one who was injured or sick, wouldn't you want someone to help them? It is easy to say, "not my problem" and walk away, but would you really want that to happen to someone you care about? For myself, my decision would always be to stop and help them. I think it's the decent thing to do.

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Nope, if you wer enot involved you have no legal obligation to help someone.

Ethicallly or morally, though, is another story...

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myhalo 1
By the police? Or by God? I don't know about the first, but I am pretty sure the second one will want some answers.

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no, but i mean if you have access to a telephone a logical and morale person would dial 911 atleast. i mean you cant be that mean

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Yes! many states have laws in place for this reason, too,if you are certified in first aid and c.p.r. you can go to jail for "failing to render medical assistance".

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Some places have what are called 'good Samaritan' laws which require a person help someone that they might come across who has been in a car crash or is in the middle of being robbed. I suppose it could also apply if you saw someone having a heart attack and just walked away. Generally they don't expect you to do anything extreme like try and stop a guy with a gun, but they do expect that you call the police or an ambulance at the very least.

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While there is no law that requires you to help someone,if you chose to do so,the Good Samaritan act will relieve you of any liability if you are helping and something goes wrong.
The Good Samaritan act does not require you to help.

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