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Can you be fired for calling in sick even if you have a doctor's excuse?
Hi there,

I work a weekend job and have fallen ill this week with the flu. I have a doctor's excuse that I am fighting a fever and just generally messed up. I might have pneumonia.

My boss is furious, saying that I have "ruined" her weekend.

I'm baffled because, believe me, I would rather work than lie in bed being miserable.

Can she fire me??? I don't know how to deal with her rage.

Thanks for any advice.

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2010-04-29 17:04:32 +0000
I got fired once because I couldn't get to work after being in a car accident on my way to work. I never missed work and was a great salesman for the place, too. The owner didn't want to work that day and fired me because I had to take care of things about my car and wouldn't ask anybody to drive me 45 minutes for me to work 3 hours till the next person came in.

It happens. If it is a small privately owned store or workplace, yeah, they can fire you for about any reason they want.

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2010-04-29 17:05:58 +0000
tell her to go f*** herself... sorry, dont actually. it just pisses me off how us proletariat are wage-slaves, used as fodder for their labour. no she can't legally fire you. Even threatening you or raising the issue probably violates some laws, maybe try talking to her boss or a lawyer. That really makes me upset you know!! if only we could give the money-prostituting bosses our sickness.

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2010-04-29 16:59:31 +0000
no, she can't fire you. unless she wants to get sick and have the entire office sick because of you coming into work, i wouldn't even care. but no, she can't fire you for that reason, if she does, talk to a occupation lawyer

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2010-04-29 17:02:59 +0000
If you belong to a union that has a contract in place, it would depend on the wording of the contract. If not, yes, she can fire you for any or no reason.

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2010-04-29 16:59:46 +0000

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2010-04-29 17:02:28 +0000
Unless you have a contract for employment she can fire you for any reason at all with the exception of discrimination. Doesn't matter if you have a note from your doctor or your mommy....

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2010-04-29 17:20:09 +0000
All the people saying that you can't be fired for this ARE WRONG.

Unless you are protected by a contract or are working in Montana, you are in an "at will" state.

This means that your employment is "at will" and can be terminated at any time and for any reason by you or your employer just so long as your employer is not discriminating in the process. (They can't fire all the minorities, etc.)

Unfortunately for you, she can fire you for not showing up to your scheduled work period.

As for the doctor's note... that only works in school. Unless you get diagnosed with a legally recognized disability (which would protect you from discrimination), that note isn't worth the paper that it's printed on.

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2010-04-29 17:01:01 +0000
apparently your boss had plans this week-end and was counting on you being there, you can be fired for anything, but i think after she quits being mad, you'll be ok.

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2010-04-29 17:11:08 +0000
She can't fire you because she will have no good reason to, especially because you have a doctor's note. You need to understand that your boss might be a little angry since she has to probably work instead of you, but that doesn't mean to say she's angry at YOU, even though it seems that way. Don't let it bother you because she's probably just stressed at the moment and doesn't have another way to release her anger.

And as another answered has already said I think, it's best that you're not going into work because you'd just make your boss and all your workmates ill, then that will make your boss angrier, believe me!

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2010-04-29 16:59:54 +0000
Well she will be find these things can happen. If she is making such a big deal and you have a doctors not you should get in contact with her boss about here behavior if she is still being unprofessional

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2010-04-29 17:44:05 +0000
Though some of these people have pretty good answers, the answer is not as clear cut as most here have posted.

It actually depends where you live. In Georgia, US, there is a 'fire-without-excuse' law. If an employer wants to fire you, they can, and you cannot take that person to court unless you can PROVE they fired you with ill intentions based on disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religious affiliation, etc. etc. If you cannot, then the employer can simply advocate 'We were just tired of her/his employment', and the individual cannot do anything about it.

However, most likely if you are fired then you can call a lawyer and challenge the action. If you are sick then there is a very probable excuse for not coming into work! If you were fired for this reason in a state where there is no such law, as in Georgia, then you can take legal action against the employer IF (a HUGE if) your contract is worded in such a way as to imply that your boss cannot drop you like a hot potato if she feels like.

I hope I was helpful :) Check your state's/country's laws employment!

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