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 Could you report it as rape if he's sober & you're smashed & you're underage & he's not (in UK)?

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John Doe
Can my employer keep me after my scheduled time and not let me out of the building?

Additional Details
In Florida

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2009-08-01 03:21:08 +0000
Well in Missouri .. Yes .. i am a manager and yes we can if our buisness is steady or ur stuff is not finished for the day then yes.. there is no rules .. in florida .. i have no idea .. lol

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2009-08-01 03:25:59 +0000
They can't make you work off the clock, that is a violation of your civil liberties, it is your right to be compensated for any time you work - If it is for safety reasons they don't let you out then maybe so - like they lock the door at 10, you get off at 10:30 and the boss and others are still working and it is a safety concern to not leave in a group... if you really want the answer call your local employment office and if it is illegal you could file a complaint...

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2009-08-01 03:21:55 +0000
They can't physically keep you from leaving, that is a felony, as in go to jail felony.

However they can require you as an employee to work late. My employer constantly does, I just take it as part of the job.

I do live and work in Florida.

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2009-08-01 03:23:30 +0000
That depends.

Is Florida an At will work state?
Are you an At will work employee.
You can always walk, but I dont know, in this economy we are all having to put up with more crap.

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2009-08-01 03:24:53 +0000
they can't phisically force you to stay....however if they say you have to stay late Yes it is legal...if you don;t like it find another job hunny!

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2009-08-01 03:22:46 +0000
No that is illegal and being healed against your will. The thing is though is that they would have had to forcefully made you stay and not just verbally.

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2009-08-01 03:58:19 +0000
It depends on the field but no your employer can’t keep you past a certain time against your will. They can not lock you in and the laws are Federal not state based. That means the laws apply in every state as mandated from the Federal level.

In the case of health care workers and law enforcement there are laws associated with licensing that apply to them. A license is needed to works in these professions and that license can be suspended if you are successful found guilty of abandonment in your profession. In New Orleans there were several police officers who abandoned the city rather then work their shifts with a storm pending. They were held accountable for abandoning their post in a time of crisis and lost their jobs.

There are rules even in Missouri and they are enforced from the Federal level. It can be difficult to have them enforced but they do apply. It’s from the Federal level it’s why employers are held accountable for giving their employees their breaks, it’s why they have age requirements and hour requirements. It’s a Federal law that requires overtime for hours worked over 40 hours.

If this is a pattern with your employer I suggest you get a copy of Federal Laws on the subject. There’s a telephone number you can find for asking questions and keep of record of the days and times it occurs. As the response from the manager in Missouri suggests just because they are in a place of authority doesn’t ensure they understand the limits under the law.

In addition as someone else alluded they could be charged with a felony for physical detaining you against your will.

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2009-08-01 03:24:25 +0000
Yes if your employer is the warden, and the building is a prison... they do that all the time.

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