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Can my boss require me to find someone to cover my shift before I am allowed to call in sick ?
I work an oddball shift Sat and Sun 6am-6pm and Mon and Tues 6pm-6am. I am required to call in 6 hours before my shift even though the other dispatchers who work the same time for their whole work week (all days or all nights) don't do this. My boss says it is my shift and i am responsible for it. I say it is his company and he should have somebody available to fill in if needed. In the past, when I have called in sick, I have been called back and told that if I don't come in, I will be fired.

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Well, I'm sure you're hired "at will" which means they can fire you for any reason they want to. But it's not your responsibility to find someone to cover for you if you're sick. If it's a planned leave or vacation, I can see that as a possibility, but I still think it's up to your boss.

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wow!! i dont think they can just fire you. i would find out my rights. Have you ever received a book that states company policy?? that has to be a policy if you are fired for it...

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Illegal unless you abuse sick leave or constantly aren't available to work!

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johnny m
If the policy was explained to you UP FRONT and you agreed to it, what is the problem? You always have the option to not take the job or quit. we may find many of the job requirements by an employer silly or unneccessary, but at some point employers must have the right to thier own policies.

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Sick is sick. If you are in the hospital because you have gotten into a wreck, you can't be calling people from a coma. It's his deal.

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cantcu is right but you really need to talk with a professional.

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Not usually but it depends on the state your in

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Many answers claim that what the "boss" is doing is "illegal." If its a private corporation and you dont have an employment contract, your considered an "at-will" employee. That means the company can fire you for no reason or whatever reason. As long as the reason is not TRUELY unlawful. Unlawful discrimination includes:

Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Americans with Disabilities Act
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of l964

You dont seem to fit the bill. Its called a free market economy. They dont like the way you do things, they can get rid of you. Getting someone to cover your shift before you call in sick seems like the responsible thing - doesnt it?

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Unless you are protected under FMLA then no. For FMLA protection you have to have been employeed with them for more then one year, work more then 1250hrs/yr, and they must have at least 50 employees.

If you don't qualify and absent a contract yes the employer can require you to find someone and can let you go for not working your shift. The boss can justify the 6 hour rule since he needs to make plans and calling an hour before does not cut it. Most employers have a 4-8hr cutoff time. After that absent protection under FMLA the employer can consider it a fireable offense if you fail to show.

Even with FMLA your boss then could require a doctors excuse each time, meaning you'd have to go to the doctor each time.

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Not legally, but if you're not in a union, bosses usually figure out an excuse to get rid of you. Check with your local ACLU.

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check with your local labor board....and file with them BEFORE you cause a stink at work. If your boos is threatening you with termination over illegal policies, I am willing to bet the he will say you went to the labor board after some type of disciplinary action.

In Ca. the employee is not required to find a replacement when calling in ill.....and to be honest this seems like an asinine policy. Now, if it's to cover a scheduled shift you just want covered, then yes, as the employee you need to find coverage for your shift.

Why are you "required" to call in 6 hours prior to calling in ill? Most people are asleep up until about an hour to two hours before going to work.....how in the world would you know you might not be able to make it in in such a long amount of time???? I would also question the labor board about this policy.

Do you have your "new hire" hand book? What do the policies regarding sick time state? Most companies have a legal department to look over such policies.

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