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Man B. sees the fire, and pours gasoline on it. The resulting explosion kills everyone in the restaurant.

Who's ...

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Justin James
Can a bail bondsman legally apprehend me if I still owe him money after I've already been sentenced?
I was released on a $125,000 bond a year ago and have only paid $9,250 of the $12,500 I owed the bondsman. Now my sentencing hearing has completed and I'm on probation. Can the bondsman still revoke my bail and have me jailed for the remaining $3,250 that I "owe" him? I appeared in court so he should be happy with the $9,250 profit that he made. Seems his only recourse is a civil judgment against me in his favor because I signed the papers. Where am I wrong? Should I be fearing imprisonment for being delinquent with the remaining balance?

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No, he can't. A Bail bondsman can only apprehend you if you fail to appear as required.

If you make all your appearances, but fail to live up to your contractual obligation to pay him all his fee, his recourse is to sue you.

In 'some' States a bail bondsman can ask the court, at sentencing, to make it a condition of your probation that you pay him off - just like they might order you to pay restitution to your victim as a condition of your probation.

If paying your bond is a condition of your probation then you can be arrested for a PV by your PO - but NOT by the bondsman.


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FVCK Y/A fu/y/a
If the court has not released your bond then the bondsman can revoke it and put you in jail until you pay the balance.~

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