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Can I legally not sell a house to someone just because I don't want to?
I am trying to keep our neighborhood crime free and I don't want certain people to live in our neighborhood. I am selling the house next door to me and a black couple seems interested in it. I am not racist or anything and I have no problem with them buying a home, I just don't want it to be in my neighborhood. Do I have the right to refuse to sell them the house? I have spoken with my other neighbors and they back me up on this as well. They also don't want to see crime in our neighborhood.
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devilmay, thanks for the support. It is good to know we still have a few patriots left in this country.

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2008-12-03 08:17:26 +0000
Refusing to sell to them a house on the basis of race is a federal crime. Specifically, it violates the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

If you refuse housing on the basis of race, the potential buyer can file a complaint against you with HUD. They can hire their own lawyer or be provided legal counsel free of charge and you could have to pay damages including damages for humiliation and for pain and suffering, as well as their legal costs and punitive damages.

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2008-12-03 07:58:47 +0000
**** all those fair housing laws. It's your house, right? Let 'em sue you. Not like your neighbors or anyone here on YA knows why you didn't sell to 'em when the subpoenas start flying around. Just our little secret.

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2008-12-03 07:48:10 +0000
So what's your address? 1604 Pennslyvania Ave?

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2008-12-03 07:49:07 +0000
why would you think that black people bring crime?

that is racist
you are racist

you should sell it to them. they are probably NOT criminals, and you're just pedantic and racist

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2008-12-03 07:56:04 +0000
When I see the phrase -

"I am not racist or anything"

It usually means you are a racist.

Do you have a legitimate reason for declining to sell them the house? If skin color is the only reason, then what you describe is illegal. Having said that, if you would be able to prove something that isn't restricted by law and block the sale, that would be your right, just make sure you can back it up with proof, because if you don't sell to them, you probably will get sued.

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2008-12-03 07:48:35 +0000
Look you can sell your house to whoever you want but if the only reason you won't sell it to this black color is because you think that black people commit crimes than by definition you are being racist

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2008-12-03 07:54:47 +0000
LOL, I get it. This must be some type of joke question to get attention right? Please don't tell me you're American and that you're serious because you make rest of us look retarded. I live in an affluent neighborhood and people who can afford to live here don't cause crimes to rise.

Oh and for your future reference in case you get Arab applicants, there are many middle eastern people in my neighborhood but there hasn't been any car bombs or plane hijacking either.

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2008-12-03 07:55:46 +0000
You are a racist as well as the neighbors that agree with you.Yes there are laws against what you are proposing

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2008-12-03 07:48:47 +0000
You can reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone without having to disclose the reasoning.

Racist or not, it's your right.

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2008-12-03 07:48:01 +0000
Sounds racist to me..
Do you have any real reason to believe that they will bring crime to your neighborhood other than the fact that they're black??
White people commit crimes too.
In fact, Most of the gang members around here are hispanic.
Most of the blacks are just panhandlers and loud mouths.
Most of the drug dealers and guys who provide the gang members with weapons are WHITE. Most of the guys who are slapped with driving under the influence are WHITE. Most of the murderers, child molestors, rapist, etc are WHITE. <--I'm just speaking about the central valley, California though.
So who knows? Maybe in your area white guys just screw their sisters, drink beer, shoot some dears and stay out of real trouble..

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2008-12-03 07:49:43 +0000
Im not tottally sure what you mean but if you mean you own the house next door you can say you have higher offers or what ever, or thart someone else has moved in already.

if you don't you could speek to the people who own the house or the relestate and talk to them about it. mabey even talk to the people who want to move in and say you dont want any trouble but this street is crime free and could it stay that way.
hope i heklped.

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2008-12-03 07:55:16 +0000
The people you refer to are probably law abiding folk who have never been involved with any crime, but getting back to your question the answers yes. If you don't want to sell your house you don't have to, but if you refuse their offer and sell it to a couple who fit your bill be careful, as if they find out your motivation you'll end up getting sued.

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2008-12-03 12:42:43 +0000
I hope you refuse them the house, and then they find this page and sue you. ******* hilarious!

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2008-12-03 07:47:52 +0000
If you refuse to let a qualified black family buy your home, then yes, you are a racist.

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2008-12-03 07:47:52 +0000
Just because they're black, doesn't mean they're criminals. You, sir, are stereotyping them. You should refuse them the house, because I'm sure they don't want to deal with people like you, or your neighbors.

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2008-12-03 07:51:54 +0000

You can sell, or not sell, your house to anyone you please.
But you need to be VERY careful that they cannot level
the accusation of racism at you. Is it because they might
be criminals, or because they are black? Will a court of law
see things different?
I am not a racist, and am not accusing you. I am trying to
use my knowledge of the law to be helpful.

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2008-12-03 20:58:48 +0000
Yes, it is illegal to not sell because of race. And yes, by definition, you are a racist.

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2008-12-03 08:14:43 +0000
Racists. So what. It happens people don't get so bent. If you are young and live in a largely black community and you act white your friends will criticize you. I live near Los Angeles. There was a riot during the 1990's. This was cause Rodney King got beat up by white cops. Guess what happened. They started a riot. Where? In black neighborhoods! Not white ones. They surely must have been mad at white cops not their neighbors! I don't know if you can go to court under any equal housing laws...I doubt it, I'm not a lawyer. You should be free to sell your house to whoever you want. If you and your neighbors don't want someone so be it. The family can find another place to live. I'm personally skeptical, all predominately black neighborhoods I've been too are full of crime. Explain that one.

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2008-12-03 07:50:03 +0000
Pretty much. Its at your descretion. Your the owner. Just do a financial background check, and call a fault, or criminal background check.
Most online services offer a 30 day trial period and refund your money if you discontinue.

Heres a link

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2008-12-03 07:52:37 +0000
I hate to break it to you, and you can deny it all you want, but you are racist, or at the very least prejudice. You cannot refuse them a house on the grounds of them being black. You can be sued for discrimination. Just because they are black does not mean the crime rate in your neighborhood is going to rise. They could be respectable African-Americans, because there are plenty out there.

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2008-12-03 07:48:26 +0000
no, it is called discrimination and it is against fair housing laws

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2008-12-03 08:02:11 +0000
what is this, 1962?

this is exactly what civil rights laws were passed to prevent.

and you might want to put your glasses on before you look in the mirror next time and decide you are not racist.

just sayin....

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2008-12-03 08:02:36 +0000
You have a 5th ammendmant right to own property, protected by the Constitution and the patriotic Americans of this nation. NOBODY can force you to get rid of your property.

Fight them in court with the Constitution in your hand.

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2008-12-03 07:48:22 +0000
Not selling a house to someone on the basis of color, religion, sex, or age is illegal.
Look at the term 'Restrictive covenant.'

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