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Nothing can be done now since its been at least 5 years, but I've always wondered if I got totally screwed over.

When I was 14, long story short, the cops came to my house because my ...

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 what will happen if they find him after all this?
2 boys tried to break into a house & were about to take the window screen off & somone was home & saw them & called the cops

they tried to arrest the 19 year old ...

 can you be arrested for driving even if your not pulled over?
A officer noticed my vehicle and believed I was driving; did not see me, nor pull me over. Two months later I was arrested on a warrant.
Additional Details
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do you get your money back?...

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 Would you pay to go to jail?
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2. 10 days in a local jail of your chosing at $70 a day
3. 20 days on ...

Araya Starshine
will i lose my social security benefits if i get convicted of a misdemeanor?

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2010-01-11 19:59:40 +0000
Probably not. It has no effect on retirement benefits. There are two (2) types of disability benefits. SSI and SSA. A conviction will not effect SSA benefits, as these are based on your past income. SSI disability is a needs based benefit. I am not as familiar with the rules for SSI. If it is like HUD, then a drug or domestic violence conviction may have an impact. However, as it is essentially a welfare needs based benefit, given mostly to those whom drug abuse disabled to such a degree they cannot function or work, then probably not.

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2010-01-11 19:58:48 +0000

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2010-01-11 20:03:02 +0000
No you can have lots of felonies and still recieve benefits, unless you engage in social security fraud then your screwed.

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2010-01-11 19:58:53 +0000
could, but most likely not, I know that felony's you can

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2010-01-11 20:28:07 +0000
Usually not, and even if they do, you could always fight it in court.

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