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 hello friends my name is raghu, i preparing for bank exams and for police constable. but my mother advised me?
not to study for police constable exam because it is toughest and not a honour job. My mind was confusing what to study. please tell me some good idea for which job is better i am residing in tamil ...

 How to extend your sentence? Legal advice?
My friend got sentence to 4 days in jail for spitting on the ground and not paying his ticket off. They gave him a couple of weeks to turn himself in but he wants to extend that date due to his job. H...

 What's the difference between grand theft auto and real life?
I know the moves demonstrated in the game are meant to stay in the game, but i have decided to rebel against my video game and entertainment systems. Will i be arrested if i car jack? or will they ...

 Do you think if someone is a murderer, rapist etc that those acts make their physical attractiveness deminish?
Do you think that someone who is a rapist, murderer,child molestor etc loose their physical attractiveness because of what they did?

For example I"ve heard people say that OJ would be ...

 What is the definition of abandonment?
My ex husband is the residential parent for my 7 yr old son. However he never wanted to put him in school so i had to do it while he lived down the street. THen his father left him with me for 3 yrs ...

 How to Join the FBI ?
Hi am fifteen years old and is still in high school, but is interested in becoming an FBI special agent. What carrier would be most helpful in getting the position? A list of schools would also be ...

 Online prison search offense codes??
I searched someone through a prison inmate search and his offense was in codes...can anyone tell me what this means??:

I was guessing some kind of ...

 What would happen if I reported illegal drug use in my own home?
For a while, I have known my parents and our family friend who stays with us, use Marijuana. I have tried getting them to stop, but they continue to use it. I think it's time to report it to the ...

 "Mind of a Serial Killer"?
In this movie, where did it all happen? And how come the victims were usually prostitutes? Are there common traits or behavior patterns in serial killers? I know that there is the biological make up, ...

 have you ever been Tasered man!! what if you had the sense to spin around and pulled the cables out?
like you know wats gona happen spin or dive or something and pull the cables out the gun

 what website do u go to to find whats illegal in alberta?
i want to know what is legal and illegal (relationships) but i am really bad at reserch plz help
Additional Details
i want to date this guy who is 17 he is turning 18 and im wondering if ...

 Is there any sort of online police?
Recently there has been a lot more racism on online games, msn etc...
The makers of the game dont actualy do anything to stop this exept delete there account or something. They never actualy ip ...

 Do most people believe that alcohol and tobacco are less dangerous than marijuana?
If most do I can understand why it is illegal but I do not understand why people do believe that. Everyone I know who does it might drive better when they are high. it also mellows them out and ...

 LEO's, To what degree does your Faith impact your work?
Conversely, to what extent does your work effect your Faith?...

 When a person makes a will with an attorney, is the will sent to a courthouse?

 will my criminal record be cleared when i get older?
when i was 15 i was charged with wilful fire raising and i want to know if i have ruined my life and my chances of getting a job? plz ...

 What is the penalty for 2nd degree trespassing in Missouri?

 Need A Bus driver fired, school board won't help.?
My son who is 5 has a bus driver that says "sit down motherf*er" "shut the f* up" (constantly) - has told a child to settle a conflict by calling the other boy a stupid n!gger... ...

 Why do many cops ahev an attitude? It seems like you can NEVER go to them, even for help. Why the arrogance?
Cops think they're better than you, a civilian, are. Why? Don't you think they deserve to be taught a lesson for the way they behave with us?
Additional Details
Many cops feel ...

 I signed his name on his check?
I dated my now ex for almost two years and we broke up last week. He has been working out of town and has been gone during the week. He usually got home on Friday nights and his check came to his ...

what is the law on police officers entering a home uninvited?
Our local pd has walked into my house uninvited on more than one occasion. The door was unlocked, they knocked and I didnt hear them. One time I walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower and there was a detective standing in my bedroom. He was there to ask my son some questions about some shoes that were stolen at school. I cant remember what the other reason was, but I do know that there was no crime in progress. Just questions. That doesnt seem right to me . We live in wisconsin.

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Big Fella
Considering you live a neighborhood where you can shower with the door unlocked, I find it hard to believe that an officer would do that to you!!!! It sounds like your son may have let him in, and you did not know it!!! We are allowed to make warrant less entry into homes!

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you're right to say that this doesn't seem right. It is illegal but some police will do it anyway. did you ask the detective how he got in? you can try to file a report with their superiors but it will probably just be a waste of time.

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Trespassing is a crime. Report them to their supervisor and let him find out what their side of the story is.

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i would have immediately called 911 and demanded he be arrested for b&e or burglary. they can't enter your house w/o a warrant. unless a crime is in progress or they can see contraband. they have to have probable cause that a crime is in progress. i would call the police tomorrow and ask to speak to the internal affair and make a complaint. i would call a lawyer have him file harassment against this detective. funny how no cops answer this question. the wall of blue is alive and well. where is the top contributer ??.

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Jim Bob
They can't enter without a warrant or they see someone in trouble or are pursuing a suspect or you invite them in.

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