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theresa t
what can someone do that is on probation , suddenly becomes homeless & relaspes,not to go to jail again?

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Nicholas P
Or is it relapses and then become homeless? I don't feel like your telling the full story.

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Go to your probation officer and tell him the truth and see if he can help you, and that depends on how well you get along with them.

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Get a life and quit breaking the law comes to mind.

But that's just me.

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wow this could be hard ,i went through the same thing my P.O. alowed me to stay at the shelter untill i could find a place aftter having a falling out with a roommate ,but i was of no troble to him and had ben working hard to complete my conditions ,and close to being relased from probation and he felt id worked to hard to be violated because my roommate was a jerk .
talk to your po most apriciatete honesty and are willing to help charges that are trying to do the right thing

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Contact your Parole Officer, explain the situation and ask for help. That is part of what he is paid to do, and it is better for both of you to keep you out of jail, and find a job. Being a bum
is not anything to be proud of, so get it together and straighten up. No excuses, try being a winner instead of a loser. Best wishes

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If you're just trying to avoid jail, you might as well knock on the jail door and tell them to lock you up. If you're tired of being tired and you want to quit the drugs or alcohol forever then immediately contact a NA(Narcotics Anonymous) or AA(Alcoholics Anonymous). They will be in the phone book and they will be happy to help you. If you follow their suggestions you can have a good life.

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Find a rehab program quickly, try to get better and keep reporting to your PO. Use the resources available to you in the community but most of all get to a place that helps you address and monitor your behavior. Good luck.

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My Evil Twin
Don't commit crimes.

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They should try a local shelter or go to the (twc) texas workforce commission and they could guide u in the right direction

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Meggan P
get yourself into a Rehab NOW!!!!! My boyfriend had the same exact thing happen and they didnt lock him up because he got himself in right away

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Not enough info.On probation for what? Relapses ? Talk to probation officer. You won't be homeless.

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Find A Job

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Just ME
There are probably many reasons that you have broken the law, unable to hold a job and unable to care for yourself. You sound like you are looking for help buy you need to help yourself. Find a shelter, get a job, save every penny, no drugs and slowly pull yourself out of the gutter.

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check yourself into rehab....talk to your parole officer...dont commit any more crimes...

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...stop using drugs?

.....get a job?


....get a house?


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See if you can get into rehab or a halfway house, good luck and stay out of jail it ain't worth it!

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