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 Why do cops hate responsible adult marijuana smokers?
Now before you even say "we just enforce the law" or "it's illegal" save your breath. Police unions are actively fighting marijuana legalization movements. Why do police ...

 Police - Have they helped you?
My recent birthday got trashed by a group of bogans. They smashed our cars with axes and shovels and threatened to kill me. Now my friends and I went to the police, put our statements in and they ...

 How do I become a detective?
Well although I'm only 15 I've wanted to be detective or something like that in that field for more than 7 years (which I would say is long time dream compared to most young people, well ...

 What happens when you violate a restrainig order?
to clear this up a little bit:


my and my gf got into a fight, a couple days later we met ...

 Why are suspects allowed to refuse a breathalyzer test but not allowed to refuse a strip search?
If you get arrested and are asked to strip search, you will be held down by force if you refuse to take your clothes off. However, if you get arrested for drunk driving and refuse to take a ...

 Is a store legally allowed to kick you out for age restrictions?
I was in a Halloween store yesterday which didn't have alcohol or anything adult or even too gory. The woman at the register told me I had to leave because I was 15, and not 16 like their rule ...

 I just got a class A misdemeanor for possession of a controlled substance in the state of arkansas please help?
What is the penalty?
I am currently receiving the arkansas lottery scholarship, will i lose it?
please give me any information you can about a class a misdemeanor possession of a controlled ...

 Why is it a CRIME to fake your own death....?
Isn't it our own decision to put our families through the trauma. Why does the law have to get involved.


 Got a Police Caution?
Feel really bad after getting a 2nd police caution for indecent behaviour. Was let off and signed it without going to court. Really need legal advice and support though to know what happened as I ...

 does anyone know what a probation review hearing is?
i'm just wondering what this means. also do i have to appear in court for this?...

 Could my brother have actually murdered someone?
Me and my brother have always had a good relationship. But lately he's been acting weird. I know he and his girlfriend had been having an argument the past week, but I don't know of anyone ...

 please help dont want be arrested?
ive got photo shop and i want to make copys of it and sell them in a boot sale is it illegal and how much is photoshop 7.0...

 Random Question: Why do meth labs blow up so frequenly?
Why do meth labs blow up so frequenly? What type of reagents do they use that would do that?
Additional Details
What are they doing to the reagents, that cause this?...

 How much someone should stop drinking beer before they get drunk?
I know it is different for females and males, let consider a female who weight 112, how many glasses of beer should she drink before she get drunk or even bottle?
Also what about driving? Would ...

 does weed really effect you like the police make it out to do?
know weed everyone that does it is saying no but, me as a 15 year old user. i havent seen changes in me. the on duty police officer at my high school says the only main reason it is not allow is ...

 Do you get a year in prison for every bullet in your gun?
Yesterday I had a little argue with my parents-don't worry,I didn't turn a gun on them ;-)- the discussion was about the question above,that's it....

 Medical Marijuana Card/Probation?
I am 21 but was 20 when I was put on informal probation (meaning I dont have to check in with an officer) for 5 years for a DUI. I was wondering.. I want to get my medical marijuana card. I have ...

 Anybody know what prison is really like? What is a normal day like and how do you get treated?
I am 22 and told to expect prison. I am doing community service at the moment but got charged with ABH. It's on my mind alot and am worried about it. I've herad people say it's a ...

 How do I become a Police Officer in Florida?
I am looking to change careers and want to know the process of becomming a police officer in Florida. I am over 21yrs old, drivers license, US citizen, and never convicted of anything. I also have ...

 Can I press charges against someone who may date raped me from the past?
I have a question regarding something that happened to me several years ago. We are talking back in 2005. I went on a date with this guy (who is also my 4 year old daughter's father), and we ...

star 67,can the police find my number?
if someone dails star 67 to the police department, can they find out your number?local man was trapping cats and drowning them,so i called and turned him in. now i heard, that for twenty dollars, the police will give him my number.

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Yes they can find your number and no they Absolutely will not give the man your number.That could put you in danger.

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Leslie S
If you do not call 911 but the non emergency or the number to a station desk or the number you should call, the local animal control officers, they cannot easily trace the number if you use *67.
They would need to not the exact time the call came in, the exact extension number the call was routed to (lots of lines come into the same number at a police department) and then obtain a grand jury subpoena if they were doing an investigation.

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Soccer Chik
yup ur in truble they can trace any number restricted or not

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The police can find your number. But they won't give it to the man.

Not even for $20.

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