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 What would happen to policemen if they did this?
What if black cops went around beating and otherwise victimizing white males the way white cops routinely do to black males? Could black cops beat the rap each and every time they went to court the ...

 Can someone on parole bond someone out of jail?
If someone has to turn themselves in for a warrant, can they be bonded out by someone that is on parole?...

 Would I outrun a police cruiser?
I am thinking about buying either the MB SLR or Ferrari 430 Schuderia. My question is if I'm speeding down the high way and see a cop pull out behind me, would I be able to outrun his cruiser ...

 Internet Fraud (eBay)?
Long story short; In November, I paid a seller for a product they never shipped. I have the PayPal receipt, I have the USPS tracking number confirming it never shipped. I contacted eBay and PayPal ...

 Is there anything I can legally (in Texas) do about noisy neighbor's loud music?
I live outside the city limits so there are no noise ordinances. The sheriff's deputy comes out and tells the people to turn the music down (sometimes several times a night), but they say there ...

 can i be reported to the police over this?
about a year ago my mum borrowed fifty pounds of some guy she knew, since then she has been in and out of hospital and has forggoten about giving it back. i knew nothing about this untill a couple ...

 TDCJ correctional academy/training?
i know its 6 weeks long and 200 hours

is it seven days a week and how many hours a day is it?

any more info would be great?

have any of you been through the ...

 Touring a prison and have piercings, should I take them out?
My college Criminal Justice class is touring a local prison Thursday. I asked my teacher (who use to work there but he didn't know the answer) if they would make me take my piercings out. I know ...

 What should I do for 5 years?!?
i want to be a cop more than anything in the world!

i am 15 years old and can't become a cop for 5.5 years. right now i am majoring in criminal justice and will graduate with my AA ...

 can law enforcement have a vehicle towed that is on private residental property?

 where is the justice in this?
it states he gets life, in actual fact, he rapes a number of women, wins the lottery and is let out of jail?

why do they say life when it means a few years in prison, whilst im here, I did ...

 Does being Client #9 mean Spitzer was a charter member of the Emporer's Club?
To be #9 on a roster of thousands must mean getting in on the ground floor, eh?
Additional Details
Alex: your avatar is so bootielicious I'd willingly be #11 on you....

 Have you ever watched police camera action on TV and been disgusted at the light sentences handed down?
Some of the sentencing is so minor that i wonder why the police bothered.
You get some yobbo and his cretinous pal flogging a stolen car around a city in a dangerous manner with the Police ...

 Is going to jail always a good thing?
Is it always a good thing when it's all about going to jail for any reasons like on a program called, "COPS?" Also, why would people needs to be in jail if they're going to face ...

 Was the BART shooting of Oscar Grant a good example of how...?
The police supposedly protect and serve the population.
http://www.sfgate.com/cg Details
I last heard that he had run ...

 What will a police officer do if they pull me over & see that I have a baseball bat in my car is there?
anything wrong with having one in the car with you ? BTW I also play on a softball team so would a cop give me any crap about having a baseball bat or two in my car ?...

 What are we allowed to say and do in public and to others, and what's crossing the legal line?
If you don't like certain people, don't agree with what they're saying, if they're looking at you or saying things to you which are offensive, are we totally allowed to say F U, ...

 Traveling to Europe, probation - family member, please help.?
My son has elected he wants to go to Europe this Spring with his junior college mates. He is on probation for theft-related offences. Our lawyer says that if he leaves the country, he will not be ...

 A cop ran over and killed a kitten, but is there justice?
I witnessed a cop running over & killing a kitten 30 minutes ago.
After he did it, I chased him 1/2 a mile, jumped in front of his car, & told him what he just did. But, he just looked ...

 I've got a red light ticket but I wasn't the driver. How can I request a picture?
and how much it would cost? How long do I have to wait to get the picture?

thank you very much!!...

parole programs/houses in massachusetts?
My husband will be getting out on parole soon and he is looking into live in parole programs/homes. Do you know of any in massachusetts??

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Hello Kelly. Best advice in this scenario would be to contact the Adult Parole Authority and inquire with them. They will have a full list and contacts for you.

Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

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