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jon doe
i cannot afford to pay a speeding ticket what are my options?
i have no source of income at the moment and already got an extension.can i serve jail time for this instead?i dont know what to do help
Additional Details
i forgot to mention, i have no phone and no car

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2010-11-13 04:22:35 +0000
Your options do differ based on where you live.
You should contact your local police station using the non-emergency phone number and ask what your options are. I can guarantee you they will know the answer. They have had these situations before.
Where I live you can appeal speeding ticket. But it is a bit unusual and is a regional law but probably not practiced where you live.
In the meantime, as tough as it is with the current economy. Start looking for a job. Just remember, you are breathing the same air as the billionaires and you have equal opportunity for success!
All the best! :)

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2010-11-13 04:22:48 +0000
Just because you had one extension doesn't mean you can't have another.

Go to the court office and talk to them. Ask for a payment plan like $!0. a month.

We have no room in jail for this.

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2010-11-13 04:20:27 +0000
Jail time is a option but you can also try to fight the ticket in court

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2010-11-14 20:17:26 +0000
Speak to the court enforcement officer. Do not bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away. It will not. At the very least, if jail time is the only option, the fact that you have kept in touch and tried to discharge it will weigh heavily in your favour. Also, the enforcement officer will be able to assist you with your options.

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2010-11-13 04:19:29 +0000
Instead of asking strangers on the Internet, have some brains and call and ask the COURT what your options are.

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2010-11-13 04:19:07 +0000
Prison or Community service.

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