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 can this be a way for mexico to fight the drug cartels?
I read an article yesterday about mexico becoming a security risk and how gang and drug cartels are getting out of control.
In India they had the same problem. In Mumbai (Bombay), there was a ...

 is there a day in prison program?
is there a accuall program to send kinds to prison for a day to try and set them stright? if you know anything about it like a website would be helpful (looking in vancouver washington)...

 Police Process Question - Family Notification?
I'm writing a book and wanted to check my facts before I included this little twist into the story line.
If police were to have found a clue at the scene of, lets say a murder, would they ...

 How come Obama Aunt and Nephew, both illegal immigrants and arrested 4 dealin and selling drugs, not deported?
I was wondering because our Fuhrer in his great wisdom felt it necessary to drag a screaming and crying in pain old man from his home in his wheel chair because he was illegal. He worked all his life,...

 Can you get a tatoo when your a police officer?
in the state of new york, can you?
i want to be a police officer after highschool, and i also want to get tatoos, can you have some if you became a cop? so you wouldnt have to get it removed?...

 Friend pulled without a license in CA?
About a week ago my friend was pulled over.

He was pretty much pulled over for having an un-safe start which means he did not signal to get out of the curve, following that he was given a ...

 why is the big sheriff buss driving around small neighborhoods?
i live in a really small town in the outskirts of town and today i saw a big school bus like sheriff bus drive infront of my house. what are they doing? are they supposed to do that?...

 Can one lawfully be arrested for traffic tickets for which you have a payment plan set up for?
I had a non-payment for parking ticket $350 court summon which subsequently plead guilty and made payment arrangement. Made a $300 payment for 6months hoping to finalize things at the latest ...

 I hit my mom and my dad freaked out and hit me back, how can I runaway and not get caught?

 What will a police dog do if confronted by another dog?
Let's say a dog is trying to protect its owner from a police dog and attacks it, what will the police dog do? Let's say the police isn't close enough to do anything about it. Will the ...

 Can someone give me a link to a website that shows what a real police report looks like?

 Has anybody ever been birched?
Birching was abolished in the UK in 1948 but the Isle of Mann still kept using it.Did you have salt rubbed in the wound?Was it very painful?Do you think it is a good deterrent against crime?...

 Would this put me in jail or prison?
If i trained a monkey to rob banks and steal would they pin the charges on me? Could my defense be that i though he bought the gifts instead of stealing them?...

 What is the average fine or penalty for first offense third degree theft in alabama city court.?
Not from the Code of Alabama but in practice....

 former drug usage, government jobs?
i havent applied for any government jobs but i would like to try to get a job working border patrol. i never got any ticket, no dwis never was arrested. the thing that bothers me is that i smoked ...

 Police Officers and Penal Code knowledge...?
Not all Police Officers have the knowledge of penal codes when they pull someone over for either a traffic stop or catch a suspect with narcotics. Do you believe there should be more training for ...

 in green county missouri, people are being convicted, with a lot less drugs than being arrested with,?
I know of at least 4 people how do you start an ...

 North Carolina - 1st Probation visit - will i be drug tested?
in tha state of NC, on my very 1st visit wit my PO, will i b drug tested? wat happens if i fail? drug classes? probation violation? or will they give me 1 chance?
Additional Details

 What is the average sentence for robbery in the first degree?
Cousin was charged in ...

 my friend got hit by a car. what will happen to driver?
alright we were at a concert. bumper to bumper traffic, cars arent moving. My friend sees a car thats been waiting for 15 minutes to get into the non-moving exit line. The person from the car gets ...

how do you know if you are under police surveillance?
i am not doing anything illegal...although i have a feeling that i am under surveillance by law enforcement...if it`s true how long it is going to continue? it is hard to live normally when you know someone is constantly watching you...is there any time frame they should carry on their investigation and stop beyond that?

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If are under surveillance by someone that is any good at it, you DON'T know. There are things to look for, but it takes training AND significant practice to learn to spot them.

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You might be suffering from schizophrenia,see a psychiatrist.

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Dan L
Have you ever considered that you are not under surveillance and that, in truth, you suffer from paranoia?

Do you know what paranoia is?

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Ima pear eat me
you don't

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Saliva Man (Blocked by Cowards)
well in our dictatorship........ uh oh the fbi just busted down my door cause i typed it........

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Rupert E
are u sure u just didn't stop taking your meds?

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Most cops are in hiding, so it would be hard to know.

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