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 Do you have to address a police officer as "sir,or ma'am" when speaking to them?
I was stopped by a state trooper and yes,I was speeding and I admitted to it. 80 in a 70mph. The trooper said, "Do you realize you were doing 80 in a 70mph zone?" I said "Yes"(not ...

 The Home Secretary say's the latest UK crime statistics contain some "Excellent Results", do you agree ?
As New Labour try once more to manipulate the statistics, in an effort to "Bluff" the public into the notion that all is well with the rate of crime in the UK, the daily news headlines make ...

 Can I Appeal on a 2yr Driving Ban For Totting Up??
You can get a few months taken off for drink driving so can i for totting up?
Additional Details
Ok i was stupid i didnt hurt anyone/Damage anything, Now iv paid but now its causing ...

 Advise for challenging a traffic citation.?
We were 15 minutes into Reno, Nevada passing through the downtown area when my dear sister received a traffic citation for driving 30 in a 15mph zone. Only one car was ahead of her that separated me ...

 Did you know that Policemen have the highest rate of alcoholism and spousal abuse than any other occupation?
I have a BS degree in Social Science and minor in Criminal Justice. And currently finishing my Masters in Behavioral Science. It's a fact. What do you think? And please, don't give me an ...

 I have a question and I NEED serious ANSWER'S only.?
Be honest and No BS-thanks!

I'm a very sexual person and I like to have sex every day I live in 3rd floor and my neighbor's get mad..because of all the noise they threaten to ...

 if Im "really a "DANGEROUS" sex offender?
why am I running around with out a GPS
and was permited to lived next door to a child care center for 4 years
and go to waterslide park?...

 Is it Illegal?
to offer the cops donuts thats havent been open when I get pulled over? will this make the cops angry?
Additional Details
ok, then if I see a cop like on the side of the road, or the ...

 A general wondering?
If you are under 16 and get caught taking (not dealing) magic mushrooms, what is the ...

 How do you tip off the police?
I know that potentially a lot of class A drugs are going to be sold and where and when, but do I call the police station or crimestoppers, or someone else?...

 is a parking ticket valid if you have parked in a residents space with no permit for 6 mins?

 Why are cops so hard to be married to?
What can I do to make it easier. We've been married 8 years, and I've always been supportive of his job. (when we were married, he was a sheriff's deputy, then undersheriff, now he...

 Can a Police Officer Speed in town without having there lights and sirens on?

Additional Details
What i'm saying is that the cops where I live "FLOOR" it from stop signs and most of the time don't even stop. 40+ in a 25 zone....

 where and what and who killed madeleine??
how did parents conceal the body for 4 weeks??? who killed her and how or just what is your ...

 should smoking inside home should be a punishable offence?
i have read that half of the child population of the world is effected by passive smoking.if we consider the astamatic and allergic children in them it must be realy damaging their health.so it is ...

 Is Barack Obama the new Martin Luther King Jr.?
1) Is Barack Obama the new Martin Luther King Jr.?
2) Who has more charisma when they talk, Barack Obama or Martin Luther King Jr.?
3) Who has more Command Presence when they talk, Mit R...

 If I Didn't Show Up In Court, What Would Happen To Me?
I was a witness to a crime about 6 months ago and told the police to knock on that persons door, they found all the evidence they needed but needed me to sign a form as a witness,

I am ...

 what has happened to the justice system in the uk?
HOW IS IT A WOMAN can be sent to prison for naming a teddy bear mohammid. and yet a woman in the uk can spread the word of terror with words of beheading and insighting acts of terror gets sentenced ...

 What type of handgun would u recommend to a woman living on her own?
I am now living alone and I am thinking about going for my gun permit. What kind of gun should I get to protect myself and my Schnauzer lol?! How much does the one u recommend usually run and where ...

 do cops go after a third party?
a friend of mine got arrested for grand theft for giving people free stuff at a store he worked at ,when they arrested him they had info
on me . alot of people say they do not go after third ...

how do i become an mi6 agent?
can you tell me in full detail how to become an mi6 agent...and i am uite serios about this

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Well you start of as a junior police waiting outside schools then you wrk you way up to head then to inspector or you do the same in the army and let the them pick you. you will no when your picked but this takes years and years probz till you 45

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Boy Wonder
they look for u, u cannt apply

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Nas J
i can but then i would have to kill you muhahaha
lol. but seriously i think they have a lot of detail on their website, so you can check it out there

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That's Carnegie Hall, dixie. I am sure can use google maps to get to carnegie square though.

You have to be the cream of the crop to be an agent. Organizations like this don't just grab officers from the street. I suggest you become the best of the best and they will find you.

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If you can't even find the website you're obviously no use to the security services.


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You There
Look, don't tell anyone I told you this....

In Middle of the Tower of London is a drain cover.
Inside this draincover is an old leaf.
Take the leaf, scan it at home and email it to steeplejack@tower.met
You will get a reply that starts with the usual stuff but look in the headers, the one the message was sent back from (something like Received: from [] (helo=anti-virus01-07) ).
Take that IP address, reverse it and then go straght to the first 0. You write this number down, adding the proceeding numbers to the first 0 to the end, becomes 07132271631.

Ring 07770 774 914 from the centre. of London Bridge, you will be put through to an answerphone. You need to recite this word for word.....
"I really enjoyed last night, but the crabs just didnt do it for me. This is not a good start ? I've got go pack up a load of cherry backwells now. "Put the phone down and call the number from the header; she is an actress who will try and get you to end the call. If the call ends, your game is over. When she mentions police, you are being recorded; but dont worry. The goal now is to bring her back down to being nice again.

Once this happens, that same night, at midnight be on the bridge again, with the leaf. You will be met by 7, replace the leaf and obey 7.


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If you are white british,just apply.

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you get recruited they dont look for people. unless you want to do a lower class job such as admin, you can find adverts in the back of newspapers such as the lite and meteo. although becoming a forensic psychologist is second best :) see you on the field

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How tall are you. ? Six footers will not get in.

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Malin View
Learning how to spell and type would be a good starting point. The ability to communicate accurately would appear to be essential.

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Sky god
Oh dear dear dear. I respectfully suggest that you look for an alternative career....

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The Saint
1. learn to spell
2. apply
3. polygraph tests.
4. background investigations
5. interviews

All of this is part of the vetting process. If you are not a British citizen by birth, or a child of two British citizens, it won't go through.

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just ask on yahoo answers- they're bound to want you when they see your impressive keyboard skills and what a serios person you are.

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bit like ' how do i get to carnegie square'?
you gotta practice

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wrong section.go to fantasy

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Ben Gunn
If you need to ask this question, you are probably unsuitable.

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if i tell you, i will have to eliminate you

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its a secret..

to be honest laddie.
you can look them up on-line and email them with your questions. they wull answer and help you with what you want. it is very easy to talk to them. nae so easy to qualify..

good luck laddie

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