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Shelby L
being watched by the cops?
I think my house is being watched by under cover cops, there is only one other house they could be watching but it looks like there are watching mine as they left as soon as i left my house. My husband and i haven't done anything but it is possible that they are looking for my older sister who looks like me. should i just wait it out and see what happens or should i go out to there car and ask what they want? i am 99.9% sure it is a cop
Additional Details
what does who i hang out with have to do with this. all my friends go to college in a different town

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The Aforementioned Mr Miller
try hanging with better people...if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about...they are investiagting....

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Are you high? You sound paranoid. If you did nothing wrong then don't worry about it.

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Heather V
You could go to the car, but if you look that much like yous sister then be prepared for a trip to the police station, plus they do not have to tell you anything. And if it is not the police who are watching you--maybe your sister owes someone money/mad someone mad, you could be putting your self in danger.

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I'd go to there car,and ask what is up!!!

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Jim Bob
Call the PoPo & ask them to send a marked car to check things out.

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You have a few options. One is when you next notice the vehicale there call the local police station and report a vehicle acting suspiciously, if it is the police they will at least know your aware, if it is not then most likely they will ask the driver for identification.

You could confront the driver yourself but I would not suggest you do that alone, unless you know it is a police officer. If it is you may be able to simply ask if you can assist them and try to end it.

Alternatively you could take the registration numbers of any vehicles and notes times and places for a week then ask to see the serior offier at your local police station and ask them to explain wh you feel your being investigated.

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i would call your local police dept and report a suspicious vehicle that appears to be watching your house. just in case it isn't the cops. and is hubby still working nights? you can't be too careful!!

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Any suspicious vehicles should be reported to your police department. I seriously doubt they are cops. If they wanted to arrest you, they would have done so when you left your home. =P

Seriously though, call your police department and tell them there is a suspicious car near your house. If a patrol unit arrives, they most definitely are not cops. Units are always notified where stake outs are taking place before every shift and are told to stay away from that area. If no patrol unit shows up, you'll know they are undercover. Don't be so sure they are watching you though, as they sometimes park their car down the street some ways from the actual place they are watching.

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All you have to do is get you some new extra strong cable. at night sneak and secure one end of the cable to a pole, a tree, ect. and then without making noise crawl under the car and hook the other end around the back axle. Allow enough slack for them to get up to speed before the cable runs out. After thier axle comes out from underneath the car, you will find out if its the police or if its people looking for your sis.

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California Street Cop
Do not approach the car. It could actually be some kind of stalker.

Call the police and tell them there is a suspicious person that has been in front of your house for X amount of days, weeks, etc. They will send a unit out to check the guy out, or they will let the cop know he's being watched by you. Either way, it'll answer your questions as to who he is.

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No call the police a Say there is a car watching you.. And Tell them the you Are Scared for your life...

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Call the police and report the car. Don't approach it. You have done nothing wrong, so there is no reason to worry!

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Chris G
You should call the police and tell them a suspicious car is parked outside!!!

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Do not go out to the car. It could be the last walk you take. Call the cops. In reality you do not have a clue who or why they are there. Be careful not dead.

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Don't approach the vehicle. If it isn't the cops, then you could be placing yourself in harms way. Call the police dept on the phone and report a suspicious vehicle outside your home. Once a marked unit shows up, they will know if it's a UC unit or not.

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Peek prays for the U.S.A
CALL THE COPS FIRST. Do not go out and approach the car...!!!!!

Casll the police dept and Tell the dispatcher u need the under cover division.
Tell them the situation b 4 they break down your door. Do not wait. I have family in the Police Dept and they say if you know something call fast..cause u never know when they will break down your door and If u have kids/pets that would b so un cool. Your sis is blood but u need to take care of yourself and family..

Shelby..please b careful

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