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after a police officer files a report can he or she change the report months later to benefit themselves?

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Jim Bob
Yes They Can.

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Big Fella
We add what we call a supplement to the report, somethings if chaged amounts to tampering with a government document, can get you in trouble, real trouble, so what you do is add the supplement, indicating why you have done so!

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The easiest answer is NO. The ONLY way they can change a report is IF and this is IF they get new info or they find out that like a witness mislead them in any way. They at this point CAN ADD this info. BUT to CHANGE the report itself, Again NO. They canNOT change it.

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you are NOT entitled to a copy of the original report in Louisiana.
it is reviewed by the officer's supervisor, then submitted.
however, the report cannot be changed once submitted to the court. it can be added to,but not taken away. that report is available from the court upon written request.

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Aaron P
Not if your lawyer has done their job. If charges were filed against you, you should have a lawyer within a day or two max. The should go the first business day and subpoena all records from the arresting agency. That way you have a copy, that if what you have doesn't match what the prosecution shows up to trial with you know that something stinks, and you can use that to your advantage. Most agencies require officers to finish any reports before the end of their shift.

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Str8 Shooter
1st Your entitled to get a copy of the original report.

2nd If the police wants to change his/her report they usually use a supplemental report to the original.

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THEY MAKE mistakes as well - but the thing is the original report no matter how messy it is should be the one that is presented -- thinking
about this - there could be something to this - what if a police officer
files a fake report - this can happen - then could he be forced to change
this to cover his incompetence - or alternatively to benefit himself when
a case has been botched along with his report - this can happen.........
ask any attorney -

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Dagny Justice
They're not supposed to, so you should get your copy when the report is first written.

Unless you're talking about a situation where you don't get a copy of a police report. Then I don't know how you'd know if they did or not. But they are not allowed to, if that is what you're asking. Would some if they could? Probably.

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If there is a mistake or information omitted from the report, it is permissible for the officer to submit a corrected or supplemental report.

The officer can be cross-examined about the error and the correction, but it will be up to the judge or the jury whether the corrected information is true.

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Mike H
Strictly to benefit themselves, and for no other reason: Absolutely not. An unbelievable number of cases are thrown out each year because police mess up some administrative part of due process, such as misfiling something, or filing it at the wrong time. Changing a report without justification to benefit themselves would certainly cause the case to be thrown out.

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Law Guru
No, they can't change the report. The most they can do is add a "supplemental" report which accompanies the original report - but that's only if something arises about the case.

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1. They can't change a report.
2. They CAN file a supplemental report.
3. If they falsify a report to benefit themselves, they're gonna be facing a few charges themselves - and end up playing a few months of rock hockey.

CA Deputy

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John B
A report can not be changed once written and filed but new facts can be submitted on an addendum or supplementary report.

If you suspect change check the orgingal case number, every report has a case number assigned to it.

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