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 OK! Why do we as Law-Abiding Citizens have to let such as this go own with in our communities?
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 In your opinion,Are Reporter Police worse than trolls?

 Why is it that 100% of "accidental/questionable" shootiings take place against black males in the USA?
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Black males comprise about 5% of the US population yet are 100% recipients of being gun down by law enforcement while unarmed.

The recent Bell ...

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Mr. Smartypants™
Why are cops allowed to pretty much arrest people for just about anything and get away with it?
"Mark Robinson was driving through downtown Melissa last week when he was pulled over and taken to jail for failing the use his turn signal."


"Police Chief Duane Smith he stands behind his officer, saying state law gives him the power to arrest someone for many crimes, no matter how minor.

I can't discuss the specifics of the case. The officer was in his right to arrest the person, which he did,” said Chief Smith."

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Because no one polices the police. It's that simple

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I know what you mean. I asked a very similar question on here too.

Cops are slowly but surely becoming total tyrants and everyone in America will one day have a criminal record. That's what they want. THey want us all to be "in the system", along with the required DNA samples, fingerprints, and eventually microchip implentation.
We are all being systematically rounded up like the jews during the holocaust. Only this time, they are doing it more slowly. The result will be the same though.

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Because their job gives them that power.

Something you missed in the article:

"But he does admit to challenging the officer's questions during the stop."

So, little note: don't challenge a police officer.

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I don't think that case was typical. I've been pulled over many times, I was almost always at fault, but I've never been arrested. I'd like to hear the cops side of the story, but the chief isn't talking, so you're right to make assumptions. Can't be blamed for mistakes they refuse to correct.

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Because they are the law, basically.

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Well it's ironic but if there was an abuse, there can be legal action either civil or criminal against the officer or police department that did the misdeeds.

Police can arrest people for a broad range of things and they can also abuse the concept of "probable Cause" to justify searches and seizures and so forth.

Part of this is due to the way our system was intended to work and how that has been abused and changed so its no longer properly balanced as it was intended.

I didn't watch the video but if for example, I am driving thru a small town and I am not a local, and I don't use my turn signal, and I get pulled over, and I exhibit some behavior that's questionable, or irritating, or arrogant, or belligerent, then the police officer has a right to examine me "6 ways from Sunday" including hauling my tired *** down to the station for the full grilling. The definition of arrogant, belligerent, irritating etc. is up to the police man who pulled me over to begin with.

If, after all is said and done, no charges are filed, I may or may not be within my rights to make a civil or criminal case out of it - or, simply drive away. If I freak out in front of the cop and lose my cool, I'm going to jail and it all started with being pulled over for failing to use my turn signal.

In some cases, there is plenty of room for legal action against the cops and it's justified.
A friend with long hair driving his '65 Ford Pickup thru a small town in New Mexico, on his way home from donating blood, was pulled over by a cop, most likely for having long hair, and when the cop saw the needle mark on the arm of the driver, he took the driver to the police station for some grilling - thinking the guy was a junkie. There were grounds for a lawsuit in that case, as a simple check with the Red Cross would have cleared up the whole matter but the police refused to do that.

So, police also get sued and get charged with crimes and they do their jobs at their own peril already. There's good cops, bad cops, good departments and bad ones, in towns small and large across america. My personal experience has been that the small town cops are the ones to be most afraid of.

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When a cop does something that is patently unusual, or seemingly unjustified, you can bet that the Police Chief has to take the flak for it. So the cop had better have a damned good reason to explain to his Chief why he's going through the flak. If there's good reason, the Chief will back him up.

If there's not, you probably won't hear much about it, but you can bet money that the cop is probably out of a job. And the REST of the department has a pretty good idea what NOT to do that causes the Chief any more hassles than he already has in his job.

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This is only one side of the story, my guess is that this kid started talking back to the officer.
I live in kinda rough neighborhood in los angeles, and you hear bad stuff about the cops. Well I've found that if you are polite to them they will treat you ok, but if you're a smart *** the cops will get rough with you.

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CHERYL *(aka cchot2u)
FACT 1-they are public servants
FACT 2-they operate ABOVE the LAW.
you can not fight corrupt city hall.

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Cecilio M
I will not make excuses for dirty cops... Nor will I accept such blanket accusations either. Cops are allowed to arrest people because that is part of their job. There are laws that say so. But they can not - CAN NOT - arrest for "just about anything". Much less "get away with it". Many arrests are made because too many people start arguing with the police officer; without listening or paying attention to what they are being told; even before they know what they are being stopped for. Safety - for police officers and citizens - is paramount. Many jurisdiction allow the officer to immediately handcuff anyone suspect of even a minor threat to his safety. That is not an arrest. But,sometimes, this act makes the citizen get mad and start "acting up", all-the-while making threats and accusations... and that constitutes a probable cause for arrest! Are there dumb or abusive cops? Yes. Are there dumb and abusive non-cops. Also yes. But, proportionally, there are more on the second group that in the first. Although there is a great majority of good people going around this great nation, cops don't (can not or will not) know them all personally. If you are one of those gentle people and get stopped by a good cop, be cooperative and he/she will respond in kind. Claiming that you are a good person, blaming the cop for not acknowledging that fact, while "giving him/her" a piece of your mind, will get you a place close to Mark Robinson at city jail.

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California Street Cop
"Why are cops allowed to pretty much arrest people for just about anything and get away with it?"

That "just about anything" you mentioned would have to be a crime or violation of law. The powers of arrest give us that right to arrest when one violates the law. I'm not really sure what the issue is.

On a car stop, the violator must be able to prove that he is who he says he is. If a driver has no government issued ID or driver license he can, and should, be arrested. In this case it says the driver was "challenging" the officers questions. We have no idea what that means. This is from the family, not the police. His "challenging" may have been a refusal to sign the citation, an automatic trip to jail.

How about we wait for all the details before condemning anyone.

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Obviously you think "just about anything" means it is okay to violate laws you don't like. Bet if you would hit someone from behind and they didn't signal the turn, you would want the cop to write them a ticket.

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If it is against the law, the officer has the choice, if not an obligation, to arrest the offender no matter how trivial the crime may seem.

I'm sure that there were 'extenuating" circumstances with this, as it would not be a typical situation where one would be arrested.

In my state (Texas) a traffic violator can be arrested for any traffic violation except speeding.

And the attitude of the violator has a lot to do with what decisions the officer makes.

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John R
--- First off police are NOT allowed to just drive around and arrest people for "anything" and "get away with it." That is a false and unsupported claim.
--- A police Officer may only stop a car if he has observed a violation or sees a safety issue. He can only arrest someone if he has personally observed a violation of the law he was hired to enforce or he has signed statements from witnesses who did see the violation.
--- You are jumping to many conclusions in this case where there is obviously insufficient information to draw any conclusion as of yet.
---What we do know is that a 24 year old man failed to signal a turn and was stopped for it. For your information the law says you have to signal prior to making turns while driving. The stop was legal thus far as even the arrested guy does not dispute he failed to indicate his turn.
--- After he stopped the man something happened that made the officer take the man into custody rather than just issue a citation or warning.
--- Having been a Deputy Sheriff in Wisconsin for 21 years I can read a little between the lines here and make some educated guesses.
--- The driver was stopped for a valid reason and he became arguementative with the officer, he admits this in his comments "But he does admit to challenging the officer's questions during the stop. "
--- The driver did something that the policy manual says he can be required to post a bond over. During his argumentative statements to the officer I would guess that he said he wasn't going to appear for the court date or he refused to sign or accept the citation.
--- Once he does that the officer can require a cash bond to ensure he will appear for his court date.
--- The policy manual would appear to be out of date by the Chiefs own comments, not having been updated for at least 6 years, maybe more.
---I am also going to guess the officer is either young or new, or both. They tend to fall back onto and follow the words of the policy manual exactly because they know if they follow it the agency MUST support him.
--- The manual probably still has some section that says if the driver says he won't show, or has a bad attitude, etc etc that the officer can require a cash bond over just issuing the citation.
---Anyway, this and all our comments are just so many guesses, educated guesses and assumptions. There is NO way to make a truly accurate comment on this case until we are allowed to hear the officer's side of the issue and see what the policy manual says.
---So lets not jump to unsupported conclusions and wait to hear the REAL story. I hope you will follow-up and tell us what happens.

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You're obviously talking about an incident where the local municipal code allows for such an arrest. This is definitely not the norm for most police agencies around the country. Every city has it's own municipal code and some of them are very very old laws, which because they have not be ratified, are still on the books.
Why is it ok to judge one officer's actions and apply it to all officers, but if officers do this they are profiling or racist? We're not all the same.

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Your are probably the dumbest person alive....lets qoute this "I cant discuss the specifics of the case.." hmm that probably means that the press doesnt have the full story and if they dont then I know for sure you dont. there si probably a legitimate excuse you are just to impatient to wait for it so you go yapping off on yahoo..... and we can arrest people because people like you need to be put back in your place

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Police cannot arrest without probable cause - if an arrest is made in "Good Faith" there is no problem.

If I had a dime for everytime I was accused of false arrest I would have been a wealthy man, then again that means I would have been a fireman.

If an officer arrests outside probable cuase, and outside good faith arrests he may be sued for false arrest, and false imprisonment - which leads to not only civil but criminal charges. And trust me, a district attorney, when given the chance, would love to prosecute a cop.

If these instances aren't happening, then the media is telling you what they want - as usual.

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Each state will define what a person can and can not be arrested for. In certain states, you can not be arrested for violation of a simple traffic offense. In states that you can arrest for something like this, you will generally find it against departmental policy. Some officers do take advantage of that power and it pisses the rest of us off. Not to mention the fact that the media leaves out the entire story and the department can't tell you the real story for fear of being sued. An example of this is I once read a story about 'a wonderful mother of two found dead'. The story went on to tell what a great upstanding woman this was. What the story didn't tell you was she was a crackhead whore who hadn't seen her kids in years. Just remember to keep an open mind when reading about these incidents as you will never know the whole story unless you were there.

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Sophie B
Probably didn't tell you that the suspect, became angry, began to curse at the officer, threatened him, and who knows what else.....
The police are taking the high road here, by not saying more....

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Because we are living in a police state now. Most people are in denial of that, and wont' believe it unless it affects them personally.

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