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Alexander Nevermind
What happens to me If I don't self report to jail?
I was sentenced to 1 to 3 yrs and the judge gave me some time to get my affairs in order and to self report to the jail on a certain date and time. I'm currently under home confinment until the day I am to self report. I have a Personal recog bond so, no one other than me would be affected if I don't show up. What If I just run to across the country?
Additional Details
The charge I plead guilty to was I coppied a prescription from my doctor to have it refilled. He said he would not refill it unless I came into the office. That another $150.00 so, I decided to just copy the one I originally had, change some things like the date and the name and then recopy it. I tried to take it to the pharmacy and got screwed..They called the police and thats pretty much it.

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2008-12-27 01:12:04 +0000
Most likely scenario: you'll get away with it for a while, staying low and looking over your shoulder, but eventually becoming convinced that you're too low a priority for the law to bother with. After a period of increasing confidence, you'll get pulled over for a minor traffic violation, and the officer's computer check will pull up a warrant for your arrest. He'll take out his gun and cautiously pull you out of the car, handcuff you, and haul you in to jail. After a stint at county jail until your trial (this time they won't release you on your own recognizance), you'll face hard time in a federal penitentiary - a lot more time than you would have served otherwise. You'll never know when they're going to catch you - but they will, eventually.

It's probably better to just serve your time and get it over with. You might be able to get time off for good behavior. Try to use your time in jail to prep for when you're released - make a plan and stick to it. The past can make things tough for a little while, but it won't dictate your future forever - unless you let it. Good luck to you.

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2008-12-27 00:58:16 +0000
I would If I were you, what did you do?

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2008-12-27 00:59:46 +0000
you will eventually meet a U.S. marshal.

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2008-12-27 01:03:09 +0000
A warrant for your arrest would be issued, and when you are finally arrested again, you'll face additional charges (federal charges, if you cross state lines) and jail time on top of what you've already got.

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2008-12-27 01:03:13 +0000
If you don't show up, they will get a warrant for your arrest and when you least expect it, you will be found and put in jail. They will add even more time onto your current 1-3 year sentence. If you run, this will haunt you for a long, long time. I suggest just going in and getting it over with. Good luck!

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2008-12-27 01:03:23 +0000

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2008-12-27 01:14:35 +0000
Nothing happens if you don't get caught.

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2008-12-27 00:58:26 +0000
Then you become a fugitive from justice and you will be looking at longer time, and if you cross state lines then you are also looking at some federal time.

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2008-12-27 01:04:46 +0000
1) Escape from custody- home confinement.
2) Escape from prison for failure to report on time.
3) Interstate flight
4) Contempt of court.

5) You would hit the FBI fugitive list with a warrant for your immediate capture and extradition. You would be lucky not to get killed by the police in the process.

6) Run, Lola, Run!

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2008-12-27 01:01:54 +0000
Do you really want to spend years on the run, only to face a higher sentence when you're finally caught? Not fun, I think.

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2008-12-27 01:06:58 +0000
Don't run whatever you do. When you are found or turn yourself in, you will be given a longer sentence and will show that you are not trustworthy. You will loose their trust and it will show on your record. If your good, while incarcerated, you may get out even sooner. Take my word, as I know what will happen. Don't run and show up on your date and time. Going to the County Jail is not near as bad as being sent off to Federal. You sound as if it is no big deal. Well you have committed a fraud and that could be a Federal drug altercation and that is not good. Continue to do this, and you will end up in the big house.

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