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 how much do police in the NYPD make?

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Here is the website John C (COUGH) (moron)


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 Why has John Lennon's killer been denied parole again, after 30 years, when he only murdered one, and his? vic?
victim was a hippy immigrant who constantly criticised the US

Only answer if you're over 30 and knowledgeable about the law, not a spotty teen who's discovered the Beatles

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 Can a corrections officer do this?
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What happens if you already paid your ticket but they still have an warrant out for my arrest?
I had ticket from a really long time ago for a correction, the ticket was only 10$ so i sent in money and was told that it was cleared, Just recently a letter came in from the mail stating that the county which i was pulled over in has issued a warrant for my arrest. So what would happen if the next time i go out for a drive, and a cop pulls me over and sees that warrant?

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2009-10-17 05:02:23 +0000
If he pulls you over and runs your warrant check it is going to appear and you'll be place under arrest for an outstanding warrant. I would go to the county you had the ticket in and turn yourself in, you'll be brought in front a judge later that day or the next morning (depending on the day and time of your arrival). Tell the Judge when you go before him that you have already paid the ticket and you should be on your way if that is in fact what the warrant is about. You can always call down there and give them a heads up that you're coming down to turn yourself and tell them you're curious about what the outstanding warrant is about.
Hope this helps!

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2009-10-17 17:34:57 +0000
Contact an attorney to represent you..

You can likely just clear this up by paying the ticket (unless you have proof of payment). BUT, have your attorney make the phone calls as interaction may result in your arrest to satisfy the warrant.

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2009-10-17 05:08:32 +0000
Once a warrant is in the system, an officer will, and is obligated to, enforce that warrant. It does not matter if you explain that it should be taken care of, or it is a mistake (just about everyone with a warrant says something similar to this anyway). What is in the computer system is what is taken by the officer as current and correct.You know about it, so go take care of it through the court instead of waiting to get picked up.

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2009-10-17 05:37:34 +0000
You have to go to the county court house with proof of the ticket being paid as well as the letter that it was cleared and they will remove the warrant. Letting it sit there won't do anything. A warrant lasts forever and you will be arrested on it. Just take care of it.

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2009-10-17 05:12:36 +0000
You will be arrested.

I would move to a different state.

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2009-10-17 05:07:26 +0000
to answer your question, you would go to jail and your car would be impounded. go to the county court house that mailed you the letter and clear it up. you will need proof that you did indeed pay it. hope this helps. good luck.

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2009-10-17 05:15:35 +0000
Take your proof of payment to the STATE ATTORNEY'S Office at the COUNTY CORTHOUSE..they can have the arrest warrent revoked.

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2009-10-17 05:19:32 +0000
You need to go through the court system to have this taken care of. Dont put it off. All it will take is for a cop to pull you over tomorrow for the slightest thing-they will run your name and see the warrant and take you in. If you have access to an attorney it wouldt be best to have them with you.
Are you certain this warrant isnt for something else that you have overlooked or forgotten about?

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