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 Wow, I just heard like7,8 gunshots a few Min's ago, right outside my window, what should I do?
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 should i plead guilty or not guilty?
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 does anyone know how to get in contact with the C.I.A.?
I want to go work for them but don't know how to get a hold of them without going all the way to D.C. any help?(preferably from real cia members)...

 What is the difference between a cop who murders in the name of the law and a murderer in the name of good?
What is the difference between a cop who murders and a murderer in the name of good?

The difference between a murderer in the name of "good" and a cop who murders in the name of ...

 Why did wall street crash?

 If you were an investigator writing a report on a suspect whom you believe to be guilty but for whom the evide
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 why do bank video cameras have such poor resolution?
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 I've been arrested before, will colleges see this?
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 Who's more Corrupt, Politician, doctors, or Cops??
who's more corrupt, I would have to say cops, then politician and then doctors....

 Can I be charged with a crime if i registered a car for a friend in my name ?
My friend screwed me after i put his car in my name. I took the plates back to DMV. He then ( i dont know how) re-registered it and put insurance in my name without my knowledge. I called the police ...

 child sexual abuse ?
Ok I just have a quick question, I was sexually abused by my neighbour when I was 4years to 8years. I don't know where he lives now but I know his name. How do I go about reporting this and will ...

 Why is it ok for Police to Speed whilst driving.. when not on call!..?
All the time you see cop cars.. speeding, when they dont have there lights on. or arent on an emergancy.. Why the hell should this be ok for them, they shouldnt have privillages.. They are let off to ...

 Underage drinking citation
Ok so last night my friend got married and after the wedding we all went to a friends house and all started drinking. Well around 3 in the morning we all went to my other friends house so he can take ...

 POLICE OFFICERS: How do you feel about your career? ?
Do you like your job, was it what you expected it to be?
I work as an intern at a very large city police dept and many officers hate their job, some of them love it, many tell me the job sucks ...

 I only have a driving permit, but I need to get back and forth to work and school?
I am 23 years old and I am trying to get my Driver's License. I failed the Road Test 2 times, and I am afraid to fail it any more times because of the restrictions to the number of times you can ...

 Is it a safe work practice to wash human blood down the driveway?
Today, two people where shot and there was a lot of blood that was on the grownd after they took them away, they just hosed the blood down the drive way!
Is this the proper procidure?

 How long do the police have to find and convict a person for speeding? I belive its 6 months? Am i correct?

 Last question regarding probation. (canada) Please only serious answers?
My friend who breached 3 of her probation conditions, about 1 month ago, will not listen to me, to give her self up and get on with her life. this is frustrating to me, as I really care for her and ...

 Question? for Police and, people who know Law.?
My car was wrecked in a accident. It was towed by the county.The car is impounded and totaled, so im not paying for it.It says that if I do not want to claim it then, I can waive over rights. Which ...

What does the officer say at the end of COPS?
So, I'm watching COPS and at the end, the conversation goes "132 and Bush, I've got him at gunpoint," then the dispatcher responds "OK 132 & Bush, cover is code three."

Then the cop says something back that causes the dispatcher to say "OK, cover is still code 3."

What I want to know is: What does the cop say?

And is there any information on the web about this incident?
Additional Details
UPDATED: What I'm looking for is what the cop says JUST BEFORE the dispatcher responds with "OK, cover is still code 3."

It sounds like she says "He's dead" but I can't tell.

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First, he is probably referring to his location, an intersection--132 & Bush. From this point I think you may have the exact wording slightly off becasue I know the cop or dispatcher refers to having the suspect covered at gunpoint, meaning his gun is pointed at the suspect and he needs units to assist in takingi him into custody. Code three means backup is coming "code 3" or with lights and siren.

I doubt there is specific information on this incident because this type of situation occurs on a fairly routine basis, especially on felony traffic stops or crimes in progress.

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rick s

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CG-23 Sailor
Cop: 132 and Bush, I've got him at gunpoint
Dispatch: OK 132 & Bush, cover is code three
Cop: In Custody
Dispatch: OK, cover is still code 3

What you missed was the "In custody" call

When the cop had the criminal at gunpoint She was in a dangerous standoff situation. The Dispatcher was telling her that her back-up was enroute to her "Lights and Sirens" hauling a$$ to get to her. Whe she calls back "in custody" she is letting dispatch know she no longer has him at gunpoint but the criminal is now in handcuffs and under control. The dispatcher then tells her that her backup is still racing to the scene to cover her and has not backed off.

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It is code for" don't kick the **** out of him because the cameras are still rolling".

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