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B. Rockefeller
What are you allowed to say to a cop without getting into trouble?
Is a person allowed to flick a cop off while driving by or walking by him/her without him/her arresting the person or writing the person a ticket? Can a person walk up to a cop in a store and say f*** you to him and then walk away without the cop being allowed to get the person in trouble in some way? Can a person say that cops suck in a conversation real loud so a cop could over hear, and then if the cop comes over to confront you about it, can you tell the cop to buzz off? I just want to know my rights...becuase I don't think cops are any better than anyone else, and people should be allowed to say whatever they want to anybody, except for Prez Bush of course.

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Don't do anything towards police officers, because if they don't have a legal way to mess with you they will cook up an illegal way. Police officers are NOT knights in shining armor, they have a very similar mentality to street gangs (Willingness to kill to avenge their own egos, etc).

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You can call them pigs. The Black Panthers came up with that one back in the 60's. But the SS thugs will haunt you forever. Just stay away from them - they do more harm than good. Give tha little man a gun and a badge and he becomes 10 feet tall. Give a dyke a uniform and they grow a woody.

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old fuzz
I just love guys like you. You have no idea how much I like watch hypocrites like you step into crap. You expect every body else to take your crap without doing anything to you. But, if somebody insults you, why then you must defend your honor by hitting them. Then I get to throw you in jail.

Idiots with buttholes for a mouth are a dime a dozen. Every cop knows at least one. Most of the time you are simply not worth the effort to slap down. However, every once in awhile some cop somewhere will make life miserable for a jerk like you. He can do that because he knows the law better than you and he has the resources of an entire police department to assist him.

You have no more "right" to insult the officer than you do anybody else on the street. Why don't find a nice Crip or Blood gang member and try running your butthole mouth to them.

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Always respect your local police officer, Don't say anything unless its respectful. I say anything to my friends, however, some are police office , FBI and Intelligents. But , don't enforce your freedom of speech, unless humble and respectful.

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First of all, public lewdness is illegal in many cities; this can include saying *** u so know your laws before sticking that dirty foot in your mouth.

That being said; gestapo have the same protection afforded normal citizens under the law if they are not in the middle of [doing their duty "LOL"]. If they are busting or questioning somebody, just saying hi could get you in trouble for interfering with a poLICE offiCER in the pursuit of their duty and depending upon the duty it could be a felony.

Look dude; remember this saying, repeat it as a mantra; DON'T TALK TO COPS. Remember that, you'll be much better off no matter what happens; DON'T TALK TO COPS!!

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Yes you can flick off an officer & not get arrested or cited at that moment.
Yes you can tell a cop to f*** off & not get in trouble at that moment.
Maybe you can insult a cop in public then tell him to buzz off [if he has a reason to contact you & you are uncooperative then you are delaying him in the performance of his duties - an arrestable offense].
While you are learning your rights, pay attention to what Old Fuzz said. The officer knows the criminal laws much better than you. HE doesn't have to take any action at all - at that moment. But you had better be a very good boy for the rest of your life cause he will remember your attitude.
A lot of people go to jail for attitude [& are convicted for the offense charged at the time].
When you are cited for driving 3 miles over the speed limit, your defense that the officer was just getting even for your prior insults is not effective. The judge is interested in your speed, not your attitude.
When you are cited for being in the roadway, your defense that the officer was just getting even for your prior insults in not effective. The judge is interested in whether you were in the road, not your attitude.
When you are arrested for public intoxication, your defense that the officer was just getting even for your prior insults is not effective. The judge is interested in how much you had been drinking, not your attitude.
Get the idea?
When you insult police officers, you are also insulting judges. They are all part of the same system. You can't insult one without insulting them all.
So, can you do all those things? Sure you can. Its your life. Spend as much of it looking over your shoulder as you choose.

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Michael N
U reeeeeeeeeeeeealy want to get in trouble don't U? Lets try reality. U have the right to remain silent U have the right to an attorney... blah bla bla cause if U do the things U are proposing that will probably be what U here as your dumb butt is being put into a police car!

In the first place U need to know that using certain words in public (like the ones U mentioned) is technically illegal.

So is making lewd gestures! Such as flipping someone off.

Last but not least it is illegal to insult or try to intimidate a policeman.

Why don't U get a nice safe hobby like smacking around hungry tigers and bears and stuff?...hint hint hint.

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jennifer s
What do you want to hear?? you clearly have an issue with cops and want to bait them. There is a freedom of speach law, unless you incite a riot with what you say. If you are in a bar talking like that, you begging to be stopped. You are looking for a fight. Why??? I could be in a bar and yell real loud that cops suck. But guess what??? When I leave you can count on the fact that I will be pulled over. Why would you want to do that? Why do you hate them so much. If you had a bad experience with one, don't take it out on the rest of them. They are just men doing their job like we do. Do no challenge it, you will not win.

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Al S
You have a lot of animosity towards police. I hope you like those fashionable steel bracelets they keep. If not, get used to them, you'll be wearing them a lot.


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Police officers aren't better than anyone else, they are just potentially putting their lives on the line everyday to protect rude, disrespectful, ignorant punks like you.

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i think you are 14 or something.....if you were my kid i would tell you that this cop is making a living protecting jerks like you, so why dont you learn to shut the ........(insert anything degrading to yourself) up. you sound like a punk that needs his mom to put the shoe on your ........so you will straighten up.

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Keep that hole in your face shut!

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johN p. aka-Hey you.
You can say whatever you want to a cop. I would strongly advise you refrain from anything stupid though. Remember, they have the upper edge.

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i'm susan
none of those things are a good idea. the police are here to protect you from danger and serve the public good. next time you get robbed, beaten down, threatened, raped, etc then i'll bet you are the first one calling the police for help.

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Grow up. Why would you want to "flick" a police officer off? What did he/she do to you? If you came up to me and told me to f$%k off, I would take your sorry *** to jail for disorderly conduct. A word of advice-shut the f@$k up and you won't have to worry about it.

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Mr. Z
Here is the deal if you want to say something against cops, say they are bums. Say they are useless, say they stink. This way your not swearing and they cant arrest you for saying cussing . Especially since your not referring to whatever cop personally that hears you.

if you have a criminal record keep your comments to yourself. And even if your not a criminal if they hear you say something that just might find a reason to mess with you. Near all the police i have met have been rude, unprofessional and have never helped me. I have had my share of police encounters, and every time both parties are in the wrong according to law.

The cops i have encountered have no common decency, honor or professionalism. They abuse their badge, i have witnessed it. I was at a mcdonalds and some guy started talking stuff to me so i motioned him come on over and try it. He comes over telling me i am a wimp and all this, and i said i am not going to fight you. WIth that he says your a B with an itch. He shoves me in the chest back against the table, at the time he was talking i stuck my hand in my pocket.

No sooner had he shoved me back i hopped back up and put mace to his face. No one there saw the situation, we both got hand cuffed. As i was getting handcuffed i said what do you want me to do with the mace, he said i will take it. I told him you should probably put the safety on that way you dont accidently spray yourself. I was being PROFESSIONALLY courteous.

They took our stories, verdict BOTH GUILTY. bunch of hog poop! It was self defense had the cops used their brains they would have thought to themself, if the macer was the bad guy why didnt he put the hurt to the macee. After all the macee was blinded, i could have socked him a couple good ones and left. THE COPS WOULD HAVE NOT HAD ANYTHING ON ME EXCEPT THE DUDES WORD, which would not hold up mine against his.

the other guy was stupid for staying there while the cops were on their way, i felt i was in the right and i wasnt about to turn tail and run. Just another example of my cities finest in action, THE CITIZENS PAY COPS PAYCHECKS. They seem to forget that.

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