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 Would a police officer read Les Miserables, and come to understand the plight of some of their captives? ?

Additional Details
It's an honest question. Until I mentioned Jean ValJean, I was not given a psychiatrist, nor allowed to see a judge....

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 Background check to become a police officer?
What are they looking for?

Like, if you exchange letters with a federal inmate they keep your name, if you wanna apply to become a police office, when they are checking you out, would that ...

 why can't cops ever just act "human"?
my sister & I were at a restaurant tonight & when we left we realized someone had hit the drivers side mirror on her car so we called the non-emergency line to ask if there was anything we ...

 Is it True that more traffic tickets are handed out towards the end of the year especially Dec ?
Someone told me the Police has to fill its quota by Dec 31...

 Getting a speeding ticket?
I don't understand how it works.
Say it's your first offense.
do you automatically just have to pay $100?
and i think i understand that if u plead guilty you don't have ...

Should I file a police report?
should i file a police report?
Last night I was in my friends apartment, we were looking at my car from his balcony (20th Floor) that was parked in the street, and observed a police officer behind my car, waiting, snooping around to see if i had paid the meter (which I had not), he stuck around for a long time and after about 15 minutes a civilian car approached the police car and they began to chat. The civilian car drove off, but came back about 3 times totally suspiciously, until finally parking on the street right next to my car, several men got out of the car and approached my vehicule while one of them spoke to the officer.
Me and my friends had no idea what was going on, all i thought was that he was going to give me a parking ticket. I thought he was taking an awfully long time to give me a ticket. After about 5 minutes the civilian car left, the cop got out of his car, snooped around my car again with a flashlight, stayed for another 10 minutes and eventually drove off.

After the police officer left, I left my friends house but as I got to my car I noticed the window had been smashed by the police officers "friends," they searched my car everywhere, everything was a mess. I had several things of value such as a guitar, cd's, tennis raquets, sunglasses, they did not steal any of these items but ONE thing. They stole an estimated $1.25 in quarters. This I'm sure was an indirect way of saying next time pay the meter asshole. I'm very aware of the abuse of power police officers have in this country and I'm sick and tired of police breaking more laws then the common citizen, so here comes the question:

Should I report this to the police, do you think anything will be done? is it worth it to report? Even if i report it they wont know which officer did it, (we tried to record them but it was too dark and far to see any faces)... etc. Should I bother? will it benefit in anyway?
Additional Details
By the way. I was with two people at the time observing all of this so I have two witness.

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2010-09-18 20:25:30 +0000
so you was close enough to see all this but did not hear the sound of glass breaking............sorry but MAYBE the window was broke and this is why they where so interested in your car, and again if you was close enough to see all this activity to your car then surely you would have seen the flipping stuff being removed................as for me when the first car pulled up and started poking around my car I would have gone down to see what was up especially as they where in a marked car, and risked the ticket..........but to sit up there watching it all and then want to make a police report [which I would have done the MOMENT I saw the damage and before leaving the area btw]

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2010-09-18 20:06:18 +0000
In a world of corruption and scandal, everything helps. You may not get anything done at the end of the day, but you'll have the satisfaction that you really pissed some corrupt official off.
Seeing as you have two witnesses, I think you're in with a decent chance though.

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2010-09-18 19:59:48 +0000
i would if i were you sounds like you have a corrupt officer of the law there who needs to be removed

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2010-09-18 20:16:13 +0000
i feel bad for you, i know crime is painful, and your privacy and your property and your sanity have all been violated. best wishes to you.
i would always report suspicious activity to the police as soon as you discover it. your version of what happened could be easily explained if your car had a break-in and three police undercover officers were looking for evidence related to their arrest of a perpetrator in a similar car break-in nearby. when you don't notify the cops promptly, you are contributing to the bad guys getting away with this type of crime.
this story is probably completely unrelated to the parking meter also that there is no parking ticket.
let me suggest a guess: it is more likely related to that the police were unable to notify you of their findings because you were not at home, and maybe also there is a change of address lacking on your car registration related to your license plates. make sure your drivers license has your correct address too.
cooperate with the police by making a report, in buffalo you would call the non emergency number for this.
get a silent car alarm installed for your peace of mind.
when you leave visible valuables like perhaps a guitar in a car, it attracts thieves so you became an unwitting accomplice to your own crime.

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2010-09-21 11:16:21 +0000
Well, first off I must say that you ARE guessing. You SAW the cop and ALL these other people around your car. BUT you did NOT actually SEE any of them break the window. And you did NOT hear the glass breaking? Just these two reasons would be enough for me to NOT believe that they did this. It IS very possible that the actual thug/s that did this was in the process of doing this when the cop pulled up. And they ran off so the cop didn't know. Now even tho he would have seen your window smashed YES he should have radioed this and gotten in touch with you. BUT IF your address if NOT the same as where you were parked HOW would he have contacted you since there are all so many apartments at the complex you were at. You did say you were on the 20th floor. So this would tell me that there were/are at least 100 apartments there. I am not saying that the cop or his friends are innocent. BUT there isn't enough proof they did this.

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2010-09-18 20:24:08 +0000
Your story might be lagit but you stated the window was smashed by the officer's friend. You said you went into your friends house and when you came back out you notice the officers friend busted you window. Did you see him bust the window? It could be a coincidence. The officer may have had an undercover officer check on a suspect in an unmarked car and he was reporting back to the marked officer. Again, not saying it was or was not the officers friend who smashed your window and stole your money.
But, I sounds that your a victim of a burglary from an auto. So, call the police make a report and ask questions.

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