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 PCSO's waste of space?
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 When the police describe the killer in a crime how come they don't say the race of the person?
Heavily armed officers combed the nearby area and helicopters flew in a furious search yesterday for the man wanted in the killings. He is described as being about 5 feet 9 inches tall and 260 pounds,...

Is a convicted felon allowed to have a gun or be around a gun?
Recently my friends boyfriend was arrested for having possession of guns.My question:Arent there harsher charges for a convicted felon who is around guns or have a gun in their possession?They arent allowed to be around guns period,correct?Whether they are on probation or off?Felons period.Correct?Maybe its different in other states,but Im talking about the state of Indiana.

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depends on their previous crime I believe.

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jefferson c

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You have the correct answer as to a felon being in possession of a firearm. However, you also asked about a felon being "around" firearms.

Possession can be of two types; actual or constructive. You're asking about constructive possession...where the firearm isn't in the hand or pocket of the felon but rather where it might be in his bedroom closet, for example.

If constructive possession can be proven, then the felon can be legally liable for prosecution. If you put a firearm under your couch and ask a felon to sit on the couch without telling him the firearm is there, he cannot be held legally liable for it even though he is "around" it.

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Look Away, I'm Hideous
no guns, felons are not allowed to have guns. they end up in more trouble.

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This law does NOT apply to all felons! Only felons that have been convicted of certain felonies which are listed as enumerated felonies. Such as rape, burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, illegal possession of CDS, etc. Persons convicted of other felonies, such as DUI and Theft, can still possess a gun. The law is Illegal Carrying Of Weapons By Persons Convicted Of CERTAIN Felonies. It's amazing how many law enforcement officers don't know this. Now, certain probation restrictions might prevent someone from being in possession of a firearm. There is also CONSTRUCTIVE possession. This means that you don't have to be in actual possession of the firearm but it is within your care and control. Such as in a car with you, where you have the ability to readily possess the firearm. I'm not wrong on this. I'm looking at the statute and I worked on task forces responsible for this matter.

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1.if the felon in question has been in trouble for a violent crime in the past ,he will get a harsh sentence for having a gun.even if its in the basement and hasnt been fired in years,he will get in big trouble.

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No. Absolutely not. A felon may NOT possess a firearm.

drb1256 and several others are flat wrong. Under federal law a convicted felon may NOT possess a firearm. Don't believe me? See 18USC CH44 922(d), (f), and (g)

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Convicted felons are not allowed to be in possession of any fire arms. They can be charged with another felony possession and be sent to Federal Prison.

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A felon can not be in possession of a firearm. That is a federal law, so the state does not matter. This applies to all felons, regardless of their probation staus.

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Jack Sparrow
I have worked in a federal prison for 19 years...

NO! Inmates can not be in possession of a firearm of any type either in personal possession OR in a house where a firearm is located. HE DOES NOT HAVE TO HAVE KNOWLEDGE, HIS MERE PRESENCE IS ENOUGH...

He can not be in possession of parts of a firearm, firing pins, slides, ammo, ANY part of a fire arm. Antique firearms that will not fire qualify for this as well...

ANY felony is fair game period. A convicted felon is a convicted felon is a convicted felon... This is how a prosecutor is going to look at it.

Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is a federal crime, the time starts at 10 years minimum. Any thing after that is negotiable...

I have read case files, and I've done my homework. Theory on what people have heard will not always hold true. Felons of all types are subject to being prosecuted for this.

The only exception is IF a felon applies to have his rights reinstated. He has to request firearms in petucular, once he has this he can purchase and use a firearm again.

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