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If you fail to commit suicide, can police charge you with attempted murder?
Or, if you commit suicide and die, would the police charge you with the crime of murder even though you are dead? I mean, is that what they would put in "their"report? After all, you killed a human being even if it is yourself. Some food for thought!
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Ever hear of someone calling the Suicide Hot Line only having to be put on hold?

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LOL, attempted murder.

No it is against the law to commit suicide, so if you live, your life just got a little worst.

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No. You may be sent to a funny farm, though.

If a person is suicidal, the cops will talk to them and may take them a the ER. There a shrink may see the person and try to talk them out of it.

The person will either go home, or go to a funny farm for a few days.

100 years ago, however, the person would have been put in the slammer.

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In the US this was the only info I could find on Cecil Adams website
In the U.S. suicide has never been treated as a crime nor punished by property forfeiture or ignominious burial. (Some states listed it on the books as a felony but imposed no penalty.) Curiously, as of 1963, six states still considered attempted suicide a crime--North and South Dakota, Washington, New Jersey, Nevada, and Oklahoma.

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Murder involves the killing of another human being, Suicide is the killing of self. You would not be charged with murder if you failed.
You would be charged with a crime, suicide is against the law, arrested and then they would ship you off to a State Hospital. were you would spend a long time contemplating the stupidity of trying to commit suicide. I don't think your question is food for thought, but garbage.

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jim ex marine offi,
YES, you can be charged with attempted murder , how ever it is seldom did as they feel any one stupid enough to take their own life is to stupid to stand trial it would be called Diminished capacity

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No, a report will be completed (Attempted Suicide) that will reflect your intentions to kill yourself, and mention what action you took to try and commit the offense. Yes it is illegal to try and kill yourself, and you can be arrested for your own safety or the safety of others if you attempt to do so. But most are referred to counseling and Attempted murder falls no where in the equation.

I have witnessed suicides and once they are committed the Judicial system is not in hurry to prosecute a corpse. Most are listed in a police report as a death investigation and changed in a follow up report to determine if natural, suicide, or murder once the investigation is completed.

By the way, in most most cases if a person failed to commit suicide, they really weren't trying. They just want a little attention.

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They can only charge you if the victim (you) want to press charges against the attacker (you). Do you want to press charges against yourself?

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You can only commit or attempt murder acts against another person. However, failed suicide can lead to institutionalization.

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In most states, attempted suicide is a crime in its own right. So if you try and fail you could be charged and convicted of that. If you succeed then there is not much the police can do but your heirs might have trouble collecting on your life insurance.

Murder and manslaughter are crimes against someone else.

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Non-Compassionate Liberal
They put you in a cell, but they let you keep your shoe laces.

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Mr. Boof
If you try, and don't die, you will be put into an institution for a psychiatric evaluation, and possible admission to a psych hospital.

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Brixton B
When I tried it and failed, i got locked in a mental institution until I was deemed harmless. There are a lot of cute girls in there surprisingly.

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yes, they can charge u with murder.
if u did not die. they can charge u with attempted murder.
its weird no? but its true.

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