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If the police have an arrest warrant for someone at my house can they legally come in my house?
If i am home and the police come to my door with an arrest warrant can i just ingore them? Can they force their way in even if i answer and say that person isnt home?
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thank you bruce very much

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They can come in regardless of whether you give them permission or not. If they know someone is in there and they are ignoring the police, the police have the right to charge the door, breaking it and costing you money. If you answer and say no, they can still search your home for the person.

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yes they can

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If they believe that the suspect is in your house they can come in and search.

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If you answer the door and tell them the wanted person is not there, they'll just thank you for your time and then leave. They may try back again at a later time and see if that person is there. They won't just ram down your door and start searching.

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Truth Sets You Free
Law enforcement can legally serve a legal arrest warrant..

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i am not sure i can adequately answer your question, however, see below blogs which show articles on legal matters. Check the google adds on the site and get more information.

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They sure can if they have a search warrant.

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Generally, the answer is that they cannot come in, but it depends on the circumstances. If they believe the person poses an active threat or will imminently flee, there are warrant exceptions that will allow entry. More often than not, they will simply surround the house while they get a search warrant for your house.

If I were you, my greater concern would be that the basis for that warrant will be that the home owner/resident is harboring a known fugitive. You'll be on your way to jail for aiding and abetting a criminal in that circumstance. My suggestion: open the door. But then again, I'm on that side of the law.

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Buddy Row!
If they have reason to believe that, that person is inside the house they NEED a search warrant and need to show it to you otherwise you don't even need to open the door!A search warrant can be obtained from the D.A.'s office within the hour depending on circumstances.So if you tell them "NO" he's not in here, its not like there going to leave they'lll just camp outside and watch the house until someone brings them the search warrant and then you go down for harboring a fugitive when they actually come inside and search and find him inside your home!

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That a very broad area, and the answer will have several exceptions.

As a general rule, officers can enter a house to serve an arrest warrant if the house is the primary residence of the suspect. Warrant service in a house not belonging to the suspect requires something called a Steagald warrant (Steagald v. United States).

This link explains the law and exceptions very well:

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