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Deepa A
I was arrested for shop lifting. What do i expect at court.?will I go to Jail?
Merchandise was close to 500$.

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knucklehead 61
you should have your hands cut off like they do in other contries. i hate theifes! i bet your mother is very proud of you now!

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I heard that if its up to $500, then it's a felony. Is this your first time commiting a crime? Usually they go easy if its a first offense but don't quote me.

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keith c
i am a shop owner. if i were you, i would go back to the store and
plead with the owner for mercy. however, if you want to play by law, your fate depends on the shop owner.

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ak 123
Accept your mistake , if this is the first time court may take a lenient stand,pay the fine and do not repeat the offence again.

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Hope you don't see Judge Judy in court, she'll rip you another hole.
Hope you are not a blond hair with blue eyes and meet Big Bubba in the same cell : )

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at most you will get thirty days in jail. most likely you will get comunity service.

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highly unlikely you will go to jail. But will depend on your record. No record - no jail. Probably a conditional discharge-behave for 6 months and you have no record, maybe something like that. If you have a record for similar offences expect an increase in time or fines over last conviction and sentence. the fact the goods were valued at less than 500 is of no consequence - the boundry at which the charge is moved from theft under - to theft over is 5000 dollars

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Robert C
If it was MY store I'd have you shot! You probably won't go to jail if it was your first offense. You'd do well to learn from this and never steal again. I can't stand a thief!

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Shannon K
Generally your looking at a fine , court-costs, community service and a possible impulse control class. I know here in FLA if it is over 300$ it is Grand Theft. It is all dependant on your record, if you have a record your prolly looking at a small amount of time. If you don't have anything in your past its gonna be a slap on the wrist if it is a small amount.

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Throw your arm around the judge and tell him that you want to be a friend of the court.

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It really depends if you have a background or not. If you don't, you wont go to jail, u will get probation and community service. I got into trouble with theft over 50 under 500 but mine was totally different, in fact it was worse.. I didnt shoplift, long story!! I didnt have a background and mine originally was a felony, I hired a lawyer and got it dropped down to a class b misdemeanor. I was told that if I didnt hire a lawyer and stuck with a court appointed lawyer then I would have a felony...so if you have the money hire one!! I got 1 yr probation and 50 hours of communtiy service. But try to get this taken care of ASAP...I was scared to death..I worried all the time about going to jail..which it was my own fault and I learned my lesson for sure. Good Luck!!

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depends on your age and record. if your 18 and your record is clean, you MIGHT get lucky. but if you have a record your gonna go to jail. if your a juvie, i have no idea

your lucky it wasnt 500
thats fealony in most states.

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This shouldn't really effect you. It was a bad decision but happens a lot, so don't worry.

Do not admit to knowing it was a crime and the value of the items.

Have an attorney appointed, even if not exactly a good one.

You will probably get time served if this is the first time.

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y u steal? thats the real Q

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