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 How would I go about applying for a job as an officer at my local police department?

 22348b speeding ticket kern county?

Additional Details
i got a ticket going 106 in a 70 going home from sf to la. any one have any idea the cost of the ticket or why i haven't gotten anything in the mail telling me ...

 How To check if you have a warrant out.?
in broward ...

 Will I still get hired on a Police Department?
I was separated from the Marines back in 06' for failing to adapt. The Marine Officer who sent me home said it was going to be like I was never there. My question is will police departments see ...

 graffiti investigation question?
do you think that cops would investigate to catch a small time tagger, to catch them? in like a decent sized city with other graffiti?
Additional Details
my cousin tags at this abandoned ...

 Help me please!!!! Can I go to court for this and win?
Just today a state trooper pulled me over and gave me a ticket, reason for that was because I did not pull over to the furthest lane because he was on the side of the road giving a ticket to someone ...

 if a murder escape to Mexico?
if a murder escape to mexico would the Mexican authority turn them back to the US...

 I got assulted by a adult, im 14 and i have video fotage of it happening ?
i was assaulted by a 20-25 year old man who hit me multiple times, even after i told him to stop and to leave me alone, i do have video footage of it happening, how much jail time will he get/what ...

 can i videotape police in ohio?
I was juss wondern if i could or not becuze ive been harased b4 in tha near past and ive just got my licence back aftr 10 years and dont want them harasn me....

 Know anyone that has gotten their license back after 2nd offfense?
You have to apply with the State of Michigan to get your licese back after 2nd offense. I have not heard of one person that has actaully gotten it back. I am concerned.
Additional Details<...

 I was speed at 83mph on the free way, got my first ticket. What now?
I was speeding on my way from Fairfield CA to Vallejo CA making me 18 miles over the speed limit (65mph).

What I wanna know is how much will it cost with it being my first and all? What ...

 police car steerable search lights?
what is the actual name of the search lights cops have that is located right next to the driver's side rear-view mirror? I have an old Grand Marquis and want to mess with it a little, thought it ...

 Is it legal for a specific city to give harsher consequences for speeding?
I am 18 years old and I am from Snellville, Ga. Recently, I was looking for a restaurant in the city next to mine (loganville) and missed the speed limit change from 55 to 45. After being given a ...

 Working as an FBI agent!?
I would like to work as an FBI agent. I either would like to be a detective or criminal investigator. I know that the FBI also likes you to have business skills too. So when I go off to college would ...

 Four felonies, undercover cop?
Could a guy with four felonies (I looked it up), possibly be an undercover cop? He was charged with auto theft, burgulary twice, and lewd behaivor. He's done a total of 4 years in prison. Is he ...

 what is the paper the po asked me to sighn when i told him i had used a drug?
I took a drug test but he did not show me the results he just aske me so i told the truth, then said he was sendind it off to a lab I had drank alot of fluids before i tested. I wonder if the test ...

 is there a website i can go to and find out if i have a warrant in ga?

 I got caught shoplifting! What will happen?!?
Just yesterday, I was caught shoplifting from a local grocery store. Potatoes, a potato smasher, excedrin, mascara, and eyeliner. All together, it was about 25$. I have to call to set up a court ...

 My Cop story now i need advice?
So i just turned 18 and got my new lisence
I got caught speeding 68 on a 35mph
and i got pulled over by a cop
he told me i have 30 days to shedule a court date
and said could be ...

 HELP! Probation question?
I was put on probation August 30th 2010 for a domestic assault charge (misdemeanor punishable up to a year in jail). I've been on probation for three months. I was sentenced to submit to random ...

I missed a probation meeting and i think im having a panic attack?
I was cleaning out the car today and found the apointment slip which said i was scheduled to go in the 17th. This whole time I thought it was the 26th for some reason. I was charged with domestic assault misdemeanor. This is the first time i missed an apointment in over 37 weeks, I havnt missed a single class, and all my fines are payed in full. I called and left her a voice mail, an email, and i called the sheriffs office today. I'm really freakin out my heart is racing, i cant think straight, and as corny as it sounds im in tears cryin like a lil schoolgirl. I realize that this was my responisbility and with that sometimes comes punishment but im so close to finishing my classes and stuff and am trying to become a better person. Is that a good chance ill get violated? :(

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2010-08-21 21:19:20 +0000
I dont think you will get a violation for the first missed probation meeting. You should call probation officer Im sure he/she will understand

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2010-08-21 21:03:26 +0000
I would call your probation officer directly. Don`t just walk in on the 26th and play dumb, there may be a warrant open if you wait that long. You have never missed and most importantly to them you are paid up.

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2010-08-21 21:18:17 +0000
Most probation officers would love to have someone like you on their caseloads. You seem to be making a sincere effort. Your probation officer most likely will tell you not to worry about the appointment you missed and to be more careful in the future.

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2010-08-21 21:16:55 +0000
It really depends on your probation officer and possibly the judge. Seeing that's it a misdemeanor and that you have made several attempts to contact your probation officer I would say they will probably cut you a break. Keep trying to contact your probation officer, but take a deep breath and relax. It sounds like you have done everything you can so just keep trying. I would bet money that they will just warn you not to miss again.

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2010-08-22 03:29:21 +0000
Take a deep breath and try to relax. Missing an appointment can be serious, but only if you don't keep doing it. So long as you call and explain, you will be fine. All of us have missed appointments for one reason or another. You might be cautioned, but you won't be violated.

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