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Adam S
I hit a car in the parking garage. I didn't leave a note
It was a toyota prius, hybrid, and the dent was about the size of a football. It's large, 6 story parking garage.

I'm sure there are cameras, however, there is no attendants. I actually went back to check on the car and I noticed the dent. The garage has signs, stating that it's not responsible for the cars parked

What should I do? I have no insurance and I don't care afford the cost to get it fized. I also don't want to get in trouble.

What are the chances that nothing will happen?

Additional Details
I understand I made a mistake. What can i do to fix it? This happened about 7 hours ago

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2008-08-07 22:49:27 +0000
You done messed up now

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2008-08-07 22:22:42 +0000
forget about it

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2008-08-07 22:21:34 +0000
You can rest assure you will be caught. The camera system is stored to digital systems that can zoom in on a quarter and tell the date.

The cameras will have your license tag and your face.

On top of being responsible for the damage, in most jurisdictions you will be filed on in court for leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

Not a real smart move.

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2008-08-07 22:23:10 +0000
I hate to give bad news, but the cameras will have caught you...you have a very high possibility of getting into some kind of trouble.

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2008-08-07 22:23:28 +0000
How would you feel if someone damaged your car like this? You should make arrangements to pay for the damage.

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2008-08-07 22:29:43 +0000
If there are cameras, likely, and the garage has a sign in marking off who was parked where and when, then it's likely a matter of how badly the owner wants to find you. If his car was old and in lousy condition you may be in luck. If it's a 2009 Lexus, you better be orepared for some serious contrition.

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2008-08-08 00:42:13 +0000
50/50 Chance.

You would be surprised how many cameras are actually just facades.

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2008-08-08 00:07:20 +0000
I think you're fine. To "the enforcer" who says because a camera is digital, it can zoom into a quarter and tell it's date - this a parking garage, not the pentagon. Resolution is almost always terrible on security cameras.
If the guy went and complained and asked to see the video (if available) then you might be worried, but that's a hassle. Also, the resolution is likely too low to get a plate number.

That said, somebody did this to me a couple years ago and it suuuucks being the other guy. Just keep that in mind. Still have that big dent in the corner of my car.

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2008-08-07 22:23:16 +0000
first of all you are guilty of fleeing the scene of an accident. here in california that is a felony so if they have you on camera and can identify your car, expect the police.

second of all why are you driving with no insurance? how would you feel if someone plowed in to your car and said oh well i don't have any insurance and you had to pay out of pocket to fix your car.

the signs are so that the driver of the car you hit can't sue the parking garage for the damage. but he can sue you.

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2008-08-07 22:20:25 +0000
This is why there are laws requiring auto insurance. Learn from it is about all you can do right now. If you deal with it, you may have to make payments or get your wages garnished.

If you are identified on camera, it will be a couple of charges: hit and run, as well as failure to leave insurance info. then of course, not having insurance.

You may get points for turning yourself in and admitting to the accident before they come to identify you.

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2008-08-07 22:23:12 +0000
"What should I do? I have no insurance and I don't care afford the cost to get it fixed." - Park your car and stop driving illegally. Every state has compulsory insurance laws.

"I also don't want to get in trouble." - To bad. The guy how parked his car there did not want it to get hit either. However it was your actions that caused that to happen, not his.

"What are the chances that nothing will happen?" - Depends on many variables, most of them I don't know because you did not post them.

Stop looking for ways to avoid your responsibility. Deal with the damage *you* did.

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2008-08-07 22:21:58 +0000
50/50. Anytime you do something wrong, you take a chance that you will be caught. Contact the other car owner and agree to make payments to cover the costs. Leaving the scene of an accident makes it criminal. A misdemeanor unless someone is hurt or the damage is over $1,000.

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