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 what happens if i dont pay my speeding tickets or show up in court?
i got ticketed by two cops at the same time and they each gave me a ticket and i got an excessive speeding ticket on top of it all. i dont have any money being a college student and all. i dont know ...

I have a warrant (unpaid parking tickets) and want to avoid going to jail at all costs... what can I do????
The police just called my mother looking for me, said i missed a court appearance for unpaid parking tickets in march that i completely forgot about. Mom said to call the police officer but I don't want the officer to arrest me before i get a chance to pay the ticket and whatever costs have accrued since then.

Is it normal procedure to let you pay the debt before they just lock you up???

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james b
I would consult legal counsel immediately
more than likely you will be booked
your attorney can advise you on what steps to take

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livin the dream
Just pay it off and you will be fine. If you don't have the money, of course do not turn yourself in or get caught

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Jamie B
It would be best if you took yourself down the station as soon as possible and ask to talk to some one about your unpaid parking tickets. If you do that they may think lightly of the subject and may just ask you to pay the parking tickets in full or may re-arrange a court date. But you must act soon or it will seem like you're avoiding them and you could just be getting yourself into bigger trouble. big up and go down there mate. hope this helps

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If you go into pay the ticket, more than likely they will still arrest you for your failure to appear at court. that is a big no no. call an attorney.

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If you get those tickets paid before you are arrested then they won't jail you. You better hustle down and take of the problem.
You still will have to go to court, most likely unless the court decides to drop the case after you have paid the fines.

sometimes they won't accept the money but you better give it your best shot....now get going.

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contact the officer, explain you want to pay before he picks you up. he has better things to worry about than parking tickets, he will work it out with you.

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Spoken Majority
call them up and pay it. you may have to be booked and photo'd, but they really don't have room in jail for you. next time pay the ticket.

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if i were in your position i would pay the tickets and contact the court system---they don't want you eating up taxpayers monies sitting in jail so you need to pay them and go before the courts so they can call off the warrant. be sure you are in contact with the courts they are pissed because you just blown them off so even if you pay the tickets you can still be arrested so make sure to go before the courts and have the copy of any MO or checks you have to prove you paid. then alls well that ends well.

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get a lawyer.

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Have someone else go & pay the fines so that you won't get arrested and will have to probably bond out. Some cities actually allow you to put them on credit cards now...Oh, & don't get anymore tickets because as an adult many jobs depend on good driving records.

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In the jurisdictions where I practice law, you will be put in jail for unpaid traffic fines in which a judge has issued a warrant for your arrest. You can bond out immediately by paying the total amount due. If you cannot pay, you will be put on the docket to go in front of the judge to work out a payment plan. This can take a few days to several weeks to get in front of the judge.

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pay the tickets

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Go pay the tickets and then call the cops.

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Eric Cho


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Call the clerk of the court and see if you can arrange payment. Do NOT call the officer, as there is a warrant for your arrest. If you can arrange payment, have someone take a money order or cashier's check for the arrears.

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Take it from Toby
Lawers, guns, and money will get you out of anything. But seriously, call a lawyer. They can contact the police and the courts to set it all up without a cop coming and arresting you.

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Jerry C
If you have the money call the officer and tell him you forgot and you will pay it off right that minute.

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Well it's evening so wait until the morning. They might stop by later to check on you, just don't go to the door. In the morning go to court. Ask to meet with the judge and work out a payment plan. Show up at 9:00 am.

And avoid contact with the police. It's the judge you want to confer with. The police only put you in jail before seeing the judge.

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Gather the money and call the cop. They just want you to pay your warrants. The longer you take, the worse it looks.

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Go turn yourself in (the longer you wait the worse it will be on you), you will be arrested, bail out of jail, get a lawyer, pay fines, that should be it provided there's nothing else you haven't told........Good luck!!!

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You must have some serious parking tickets. I haven't heard of a warrant issued for that in many years. I don't think you're going to jail, but you are headed for a lot of problems. Renewal of your registration could be denied, and you could be sued civilly. This will also affect your credit rating. I suggest you pay the parking citations as soon as possible.
Almost forget about the boot.

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