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 What tests other then the breathalyzer will police do if they pull someone over for drunk driving?

I have a bench warrant in another state. What can the issuing state do to me 800 miles away?

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Kevin H
they can't do a mf'n thing!!

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They can spit, and fart in your general direction.

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go back and fix the problem

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Anne M
Just go and fix the problem. That way you can get on with your life. A few days of inconvenience is a hole hell of a lot better then a life time of looking over your shoulder.

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fairly smart
Depends on what the warrant is for...they could come after you for something bad...a traffic warrant they would lie in wait for you to get another!

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If you are in the U.S and get picked up by a peace officer, they will send you to whatever state it is that you have the warrant, unless it is for a small amount, then they will issue you a new date to appear in court.

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send you back

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If you have a warrant, if you are ever stoped for a traffic or other stop the warrant will show up ( the warrant will stay effective forever) they will then hold you till the other state decides if they are going to extridite you or not. They don't have to but the warrant will still stay in effect and it will happen again and again untill they decide they will pay to have you brought back.

If they wish to bring you back, you will be held in jail ( without bail) in your currect state untill there is an extridiction hearing, then you will be sent back to the other state in handcuffs and leg chains. then you will be brought before the court on the orginal charge and the new charges for not appearing in court.

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frank f
If you are stopped and wants and warrents check is performed they can arrest you however, if the warrent is a minor infraction then you will be released. I would say take care of the warrant in your state because if you don't sooner or later it will bite you. If you are in the Military then you are at a greater chance to be screwed. If it is a federal warrant then whatever state you are in can execute the warrant.

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Depends on what you did. The police there can come to get you, or the police there can come too. Or even a bounty hunter. Just because your 800 miles away, you are no means out of the woods.

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Keith Perry
From what I understand (I knew someone with a bench warrent) They only arrest you if you are in their sight. If they pull you over for something and see you have the bench warrent then they will take you to jail. Under a bench warrent they do not come searching for you. You just have to cross their path to be caught.

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The issuing state can't do anything while you are not in their jurisdiction, but if you ever come into contact with the other state's police, they will find your warrant, arrest you, and extradite you to the original state.

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jules vane
If it's a felony, they may be able to extradite you. If a misdeameanor, nothing (to my knowledge)

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Blunt Honesty
Unless it is a violent felony, probably won't do anything (like come looking for you). But states are cooperating and sharing data more and more often these days, and you could be arrested and returned to that state if you are pulled over or arrested for another reason in your current location.

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