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 Front tinted windows suspicious?
Having both the back and front tinted, would you find this to be suspicious? more likely to be pulled over or looked at if parked somewhere randomly? (stay on topic)
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 Can i bail anyone out of jail?
If i go to the jail house can i bail someone out that i dont even no? i wana go down there and bail a hot chick out and she will be so happy she will play with my hang ...

 Is their a legal age in illinois to file a complaint against a police officer?

If arrested the previous day (for a misdemeanor - loitering), can a 17 year old go to the station alone, and attempt to file a complaint against a police officer or does he/she ...

 In NY state does an inmate get released on their parole eligibility date or conditional release date?
If an inmate in the state of NY has a parole eligibility date of August 1, 2010 and a conditional release date of September 1, 2010 which date are they supposed to release them on? All I keep ...

 In the UK why do we put up with Caribbean thugs on the street?

 how can i find out who is in a particular halfway house in dayton kentucky?
it's supposedly a matter of public record, but if you call the halfway house (for drug offenders) the employees say they are not authorized to confirm or deny anything. i've tried to go ...

 CRYSTAL METH!!!!!!!!?
My boyfriend got caught with a dub ($20) of crystal meth lastnight. He has been clean for over 3-4 years no probation no nothing, so i was wondering what would happen to him will he get alot of time? ...

 Have I been sexually assaulted?
Hi, this is embarassing, but I'm going to be honest.
About a month ago, I went to my mates house party, I got very drunk and effectively passed out, I remeber bits of it, but the next ...

 My bicycle was destroyed by a driver. What do I do now?
I had my bicycle locked up in front of a store while I was shopping on Saturday. A woman came barreling in too quickly, and smashed into my bike. She hit it hard too because the handlebar actually ...

 What do police officers do with the drugs they capture?
Please do not say smoke or take it.
Additional Details
Firedue-I said please do not say they smoke or take it.Becuase I know a lot of them dont....

 is there any solution to human rights violation?

 On a high speed chase do you count all the infractions?
EX:Rung red lights,weaving in and out of traffic,...

 If a police officer puts the wrong offense on the ticket does it make it void?
It was suppose to be a driving on a suspended license (although my license shouldn't be suspended) but he put it as illegal transportation alcohol....

 will i go to jail for arson if i have never been convicted of a crime?
I got drunk and set a dumpster on fire the total is over 1,000 am i goin to prison if so for how long? I am over 18 and live in mi....

 Illegal videos/images/music on Limewire?
So im constantly hearing about all the illegal things on limewire and so on, So why cant the FBI simply remove it? Sure theres alot of songs on there it that might take awhile, but what about ****** ...

 Im 19 and got caught stealing at kohls. HELP!! QUESTION!!!?
I am 19 years old and today I got caught shoplifting in Kohl's ($138). No police were involved.

The following events happened:

- I was escorted to a small room near the ...

 How to track when my 180 day probation is up on my license?
No, I wasn't in trouble. It's just a law here that when you first get your license you have to wait 180 days to drive with passengers. Well I got my license on March 23, 2010 and I was ...

 Can we place illegals under citizens arrest and have them deported?
If we know a person is illegal, are we legally to place them under citizens arrest?...

 Does a juvenile overdose attempt disqualify me from joining Law Enforcement?
I had a rough period around the age of 15. I took a handful of aspirin for a plea for attention really, I didn't want to die. I seen a counselor, was never administered to a psych ward or ...

 Are police officers allowed to turn on their lights and sirens just to pass a red light?
I have seen numerous police officers at a red light turn on their sirens and lights and run the red light and immediately after passing the red light turns it off. Can they do this?...

How much does a detective in Detroit make?
My cousin is aiming to become a detective in the Detroit area, and I just want to make sure that she's choosing a career path that she can greatly benefit from. I know that it depends on where you're going to be working to accumulate how much you make per year, which is why I want to make sure that she's not going to have to struggle.

Thanks in advance, for any answers ^_^

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Detroit Pistons, Tigers, Lions
A Detective with the Detroit Police Department? Michigan State Police? FBI?


If your talking about the Detroit Police Department you have to be a police officer for more than a year to even move up to be a Detective.

Detectives = Sergeants

Detectives in Detroit Salary - $59,094 - $59,626

Wages of Police Officers vary widely based on years of service, rank, and location and size of the community in which they work.

Nationally, the median annual income of Police Officers was $49,452 and Detectives was $55,952 in 2009. The median yearly earnings of "all" workers in the U.S. were $38,428 in 2009.

Annual salaries of State Police Officers employed by the State of Michigan ranged from $22,049 to $62,536 and Detectives from $49,319 to $83,144 (mid 2010).

Annual salaries of Detectives employed by various Michigan cities in early 2009 were:

$59,094 - $59,626

Ann Arbor
$67,662 - $75,462

$51,023 - $60,681

Grand Rapids
$62,635 - $64.971

Most cities provide educational allowances and extra pay for evening or night shift work. Many Officers also receive a cost-of-living allowance and/or longevity pay. Most Police Officers receive group life and health insurance, paid holidays, vacations, sick leave, and pension plans. With experience and further training, demonstrated ability, and passing a promotional examination, Police Officers may advance to become Sergeants, lieutenants, and captains. Detectives have a similar career ladder with the possibility of becoming chief of Detectives after lieutenant. A bachelor or higher level degree is helpful for promotion.

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