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How long does it take police to get a warrant?
How long does it take police to get a warrant to search my house? How throughly do they search? Just wondering...

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Warrants can be obtained in a matter of minutes depending on the nature and degree of urgency of the situation.
Generally if the police go through the trouble of getting a warrant, the search will be very thorough, but must be limited to the articles described in the warrant.
Ex: The search warrant is for a stolen big screen television, the scope of the search must be limited to places that a big screen tv could be stored, it is unreasonable to assume the tv would be in the medicine cabinet. Now if they were searching for a TV and remote control, the scope of the search is now a lot broader.

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Bounty Hunter
Usually we get them within a day if we see a suspect in a house we don't need a warrant if we know it is him/her but if we do not have a Positive ID we need a search and sezeire warrant

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David C
I think they have to find a magistrate to sign it. If they do search they really go to town & look at every little thing.

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Charlie O
at first they have to get proof then they serve the warrent

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Warrant take 1-8 hours to get.

They will search every nook and cranny. They'll bring in the dope dogs and in some cases the gun dogs.

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smokey b
it takes as long it did for you to think of that question and as long as it takes me to write this... its unexplainable... police should have a warrant to do anything but them being itchy about everything they tend to fabricate a lot of criminal actions to the judge/DA and the judge buys the stuff....

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the time it takes for the officer to fill in some forms, and then to get a judge to sign it. it could be hours or days. they can search as thouroughly as they want to.

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as long as it takes to make a call.the DA In a hurry i think they can do it over the phone if they can give a judge good enough reason

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Kinda depends on the location and the setup that is in place.

Some places like larger cities have judges and magistrates that work nights or shifts so it is just a quick phone call and the warrant is signed. The police do not need the warrant in hand, they only need that it has been issued, so they can act upon it.

Now smaller towns or rural areas this will not be the case and depending on the need it may take more time to find the magistrate or judge to get the warrant issued.

Also there are exigent circumstances where no warrant is needed. This is an emergency situation like they were in pursuit of a suspect that ran into your home, or they saw you walking in with a bag full of dope, and had to act before you could destroy the evidence, or maybe your wife yelled that you were abusing her so they would come in to protect her.

There are many reasons, and none of them need proof only probable cause to issue a warrant. Mere suspicion is not cause for a warrant to be issued.

The search is as thorough as the warrant describes it to be. Say they are looking for drugs then the search would be very thorough since you can hide drugs in such small places and varied locations. If the search is for as another answer stated something large like a wide screen TV then the search would not include inside your underwear drawer. The warrant must also state the places to be searched if it states the home listed at 1234 main street a shed that was behind the house and not in the curtilage of the home then that would not be an authorized location to search.

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