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 What is probable cause according to the law?
I am doing a project for school and haven't found a proper definition. It seems very subjective.

For my project, I have to determine whether the government can legally tap a phone ...

 answers needed please ???????????!!?
okay i know you can just go to collage or sixthform to become a police officer, but if i was to go university and study something that links with police would that give me a better chance to get ...

 Is "my" police a joke? Can't catch this retiree?
In the neighboring town (here in Switzerland) there's this 67 years old retiree who went nuts because the local court decided to sell his house. He barricaded inside it with a gun on Wednesday. T...

 IN state law: marijuana...?
If my roommates smoke pot and get caught, am I in trouble for not reporting them?
Please don't answer unless you're actually familiar with the law....

 Would You Go To Jail For Accidentally Killing Somebody Who Was Trying To Rape You?
I was reading this story somewhere about a man (it was a man trying to rape a man fyi) accidentally killing the man that was trying to rape him. He stabbed him and I guess the guy ended up dying. W...

 What do Police officers think about law abiding citizens who have concealed weapon permits & carry a loaded?
pistol with them because they feel that the police are never around to help them or show up on time to something that is happening,to where a civilian would have to use a gun to stop some one who was ...

 what's a probation officers environment?

 REACTIONS PLEASE:Sent to Prison for parking in the street where he lives?
i'm looking for peoples opinions to the links.Actually being sent to prison for parking in the street where he lives.Is this not a protection racket being enforced by the council???


 Im 16 and got a speeding ticket + juvenile traffic, need a little help please.?
So I'm 16 and I've just got my license for a month and a half.
I was with my friend and we were going on the freeway.

Speed limit was 65 MPH, I went up to 88 MPH for a split ...

 How do you know if you're convicted for theft in CA?
I've worked at a Kmart for the past five months in San Francisco, California. I, unfortunately, gave reductions over the past few months to customers when items shouldn't have been reduced ...

 What will happen to me?
Tomorrow i am due to show at court. I have already pleaded guilty and will be getting my sentence tomorrow. What will happen after court is over. What will happen when i get to jail?...

 Are repo men aloud to get aggressive?
Ive been looking at a couple of job descriptions of repo men and it seems like their jobs could lead to violence when they go to pick up a car, im just wondering if someone trys to fight them are ...

 is it legal to have a taser/stun gun in PA?
i would like to invest in a taser for self protection purposes.
and i found one cheep online that i am thinking about buying.
i would like to know if it is legal to own one in PA, and if ...

 Civil Service Exam or Police Exam Study Guide?
I'm trying to study for a police exam and I have several study guides. One's labeled civil service exam and another is more specifically labeled police officer exam. Should I study the ...

 Law changes to learners permits in Ontario? (driving)?
I'm about to turn 16 in September , and I have heard several rumors that there are to be some major driving changes to learners permits in Ontario. Regularly, on my birthday I would head to a ...

 What are penalties of public intoxication/urination in IN?
My boyfriend just got arrested last night for public urination and he was just at the bars too so I think most of the charges were from the public intoxication. However, he was in the area of town (...

 What does the nypd community affairs do?
I see many of these people around but, i don't know what they do. are they police officers too?...

 What happens to the cash that is siezed from drug/gang busts?

 Traffic ticket question!?
If someone violated a traffic law, and a police officer saw, would they mail a traffic ticket without pulling him or her over?...

 Can an adult get in trouble for simply talking to a minor?
Im 16, and I used to like this guy who is now 22. we are 6 1/2 years apart. My dad threaten to call the cops on him if he had any contact with me. Can he do that?? We've never had ANY physical ...

How far back does an 'Enhanced CRB Check' in the UK go?
I done some naughty things when I was younger but now Im a changed man. I heard it goes back 5yrs? Thanx!

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CRB checks are not available to just anyone.

It tends to depend on the reason for application, if it is regarding someone looking to work with vulnerable people then information will be disclosed, I think that there are different levels of access.

Certain people will be able to access all information as far back as day one no matter what we may think however, that would mean someone with a certain status and above in certain organisations i.e MOD.

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Martin D
It was 2003 when I was asked to invite staff to fill a CRB in if I thought they might be dodgy. Guess how well that went down!?!
Since that I have had three done for me the last being enhanced and I had to pay for it. CRB will normally be dependent on your contact with vulnerable people.

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the devil wears camo
enhanced checks go back 20years

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Try here: http://www.crb.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=400#enhanced I can't find where it says how long back though...

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I believe that it goes back much further than 5 years.
Hope you go on ok tho.

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it goes right back to the the time you were 18
and shows every petty little thing you've done

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Someone I know had a standard one done which threw up something done as a minor from 25 years ago- they nearly had heart failure!
Don't lie, it will come back and bite you...

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Gerry Atrix
As far back as your records. If anything is spent that will also be looked at. Only the sentence is spent. The fact that the crime was committed cannot be erased. If the sentence is spent then it will not be considered if you commit another offence but for the sake of a E CRB check it will be looked at.

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A CRB check will show EVERY charge, caution, repremand and warning you have ever had, even when you were a minor.
A caution is deemed as 'spent' after 5 years, this only means the law is not legally allowed to hold that against you.

Just be honest when your going through the interview process.
Employers realise that people do silly things when they are young!

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I believe it goes back to the age of 18. One of my daughters was a naughty girl and got a record but was told it would be removed at 18. I can't believe it would only go back 5 years. If that was the case a paedophile would be able to wait five years and then be able to work with children again.

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