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How do the police go about a police raid of a house?
My Cousin in LR, AR had his house raided by the police at 3 am last week.... It was a bad tip, he was innocent. Anyway, he said that he was about to fall asleep on his couch right by the living room window. And the road is less than 20 feet away from it. You can here a car coming from way down the street. He said that he heard no cars coming, saw no headlights, and was shocked at how early it was. So my question is, what time do most police raid a house, and how do they approach the house prior to getting to the house? Headlights, coasting, etc. And can they just raid a house just because they think there is a pothead inside? (my cousin has never even been handcuffed or arrested prior to the raid) Or do you have to be a hard knock criminal or have a dark record?
Additional Details
The reason he was up at 3am is because he is a bartender at a local restaurant and he doesn't get off work until 1:45 - 2am. Anyway, the main question I am asking is do they turn their headlights off while approaching the residence?

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wolf lady
where are the cops 2nite? oh in rehab,dui class,or raiding someone in their domain

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This question smells of Bullsh*t

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Mr. E
He's lucky he didn't get shot:

"Kathryn Johnston: A Year Later: 92-year-old woman's death has done little to curb the use of paramilitary police tactics around the country, November 23, 2007

It was one year ago this week that narcotics officers in Atlanta, Georgia broke into the home of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston.

They had earlier arrested a man with a long rap sheet on drug charges. That man told the police officers that they'd find a large stash of cocaine in Johnston's home. When police forced their way into Johnston's home, she met them holding a rusty old revolver, fearing she was about to be robbed. The police opened fire, and killed her.

Shortly after the shooting, the police alleged that they had paid an informant to buy drugs from Ms. Johnston's home. They said she fired at them first, and wounded two officers. And they alleged they found marijuana in her home.

We now know that these were all lies. In fact, everything about the Kathryn Johnston murder was corrupt. The initial arrest of the ex-con came via trumped-up charges. The police then invented an informant for the search warrant, and lied about overseeing a drug buy from Johnston's home.

Ms. Johnston didn't actually wound any of the officers. They were wounded by fragments of ricochet from their own storm of bullets. And there was no marijuana. Once they realized their mistake, the officers handcuffed Ms. Johnston and left her to bleed and die on the floor of her own home while they planted marijuana in her basement..."

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Most often, but not always Police will "say" they have a warrent! The "they" proceed with force to tear up one home. That's how it is done in California. Watch cop's on T V and see if I'm correct. They do it all the time.

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Wendy H
Like you say they got a bad tip.

You only have your Cousins word he has never been handcuffed before.

A warrant would have been issued and they would have come at a time when they were most likely to catch him in. As you say he was just going to sleep at 3.00 am this is not normal, most people go to bed earlier.

By coming to the house silently they had the element of surprise, a lot of drug dealers have time to flush their stash if they politely knock at the door and wait for an answer.

There is no set time for a raid although early morning raids normally mean the person is in and they are caught off their guard.

If they turned the headlights off it was only to keep the element of surprise, dont forget they are a 24hour service and he was probably one of many raids that night.

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Licky Slurp
All they need are theorys and suspicion to raid a house. They will raid it when ever they feel they could get the owner of the house "red handed" doing something ilegally.

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The first thing that they HAVE to have is a warrant to search the area. Without that the police have not got a leg to stand on! Check out your local codes and even talk to an officer of the law to find out more.

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Here in my city, the police must provide good information to a justice of the peace for them to issue a search warrant. The information is often based on confidential informant information. This informant generally has provided information in the past that has led to recovery of drugs/guns etc. and is considered reliable. The warrant may also be based on the police observations of the residence (coming and going of many people/cars) or due to the fact that an undercover police officer bought drugs at the house.

Many of these warrants are executed at night as the suspects in the house may be sleeping and it gives the police the element of surprise. There is less time for suspects to find weapons and flush the drugs.

The police will park down the road and walk in if they have to or may have arrived an hour before the raid and were watching the house.

It is rare that police raid houses by mistake. Your cousin may not have had drugs in his house THIS TIME, this doesn't make him innocent.

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