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Orange Juice♥
How do cops know if your wearing your seatbelt or not?

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I agree w/the first answer.

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Katie R
You can usually see the shoulder belt, but if you put it behind yourself (like I do) sometimes it's hard to tell. I've heard there are sensors that detect if your seat belt warnings are engaged but I think it's a lie.

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They can see it. You would be amazed at what observation skills you can obtain just by practicing and knowing what to look for,.

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older and wiser
trust me, they know it is their job,people don,t like seat belt,s. i realize, but they do save live,s. no matter what we think of seat belt,s, (BUCKLE UP IT,S THE LAW).

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The shoulder strap is quite visable from outside the car.

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Well my eyes take in visual information from the world around me, and transmit it to my brain where I interpret the images and react to them. We see a motorist without a seatbelt on and cite them accordingly. We don't catch all of them.

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"Trained observer” is the term we use. It isn't that difficult when you think about it.

How many times have you seen someone driving poorly or driving too slow and you use YOUR observation skills to "zoom" in and see the driver on the mobile phone or OVER conversating with a passenger or a restless child? "Just as I thought!" you say to yourself, right? It's the same skill YOU have, but it's to the tenth power. That's because watching for wrong-doing is what our business is.

Strap in...there's room to live in there!

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From behind your car, a police officer can see the part of the seatbelt which stretches from the pillar of your car to above your shoulder.

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The seat belt comes at a slant if you're wearing it.

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Ed J
Most cops I know have eyes, and with those eyes they can see, or at least that is how I think it works.
The seat belt does go up and around your torso does it not?

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Duh......by looking at you I'd say while your driving.

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your worst nightmare
don't know, don't wear one, never have been driving for 40 yrs and don't intend on wearing one, as long as motorcyclist don't have to wear helmets....I don't wear a seat belt

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