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 Police question...........Where does the money end up that is confiscated in a drug bust?

 Will the cops to come my house to arrest me for bad checks?
Or do they have to stop me in the store I wrote the check in? I didn't know my account closed to do NSF and wrote about $200 worth of checks last week! :( OH and my friend was with me ! I bought ...

 photographing police committing wrongdoing illegal?
The state of Massachusetts is using all party consent laws to arrest citizens who photograph police doing wrong acts. Even though there is an exemption in the law for public spaces with no '...

 Do police officers need to have back up on call?

Additional Details
Sorry I meant while they are on call....

 I think my son's civil rights hav been viloated!?
His phone was found on the Public Transit bus used by his school on a Friday after school hours. The driver went through my sons phone to find some pornographic material. Turned it in to his school ...

 did you read this? This happend 2 years ago.?
How do you feal about the cops that beat the crap out of the innocent 12 year old little girl calling themselves Peace Officers? Is this any thing like UN Peace Keepers?

Do think it was ...

 Is probation a useful rehabilitative tool? Why or why not?

 Is this considered statutory rape?
the laws for statutory in louisiana in my case are if the person is 17-19 and have sex with someone age 13-15 and the age differences are more than 2 years then it can be a misdemeanor charge of ...

 police issues with students?
what rights do students have from police in cases where it is a organized event such as step shows or large outside celebrations where they can just come and make students go back into there dorms or ...

 smoking ban in nursing home?
I work in a nursing home on nights and a carer I work with smokes. She says that when the smoking ban comes into force she intends to ignore it and continue smoking in the nursing home. The matron ...

 Question for police officers ( Retiring?)?
What do police officers do after they retire? Well I know they will probably wind down and relax or get another job, but wouldn't they miss their job?...

 bounty hunter?
Since bounty hunters go after fugitives that run after they bail, the bounty hunters only get back the money they posted....where do they make a profit?...

 Question?what will it take for respect for the police?
to be reinstated from yesteryear?...

 when the terrorists attack the usa again are you going to lock down security on the american people ?

Additional Details
why cant you go after the people that attacked the usa ?why do you have to terrorise civilians ?...

 How's it like being a Police?
Whats hard about it?
Whats fun about it?...

 when is Blair going to resign?
He's not wanted by his fellow senior mangement team, according to latest reports. Apparently he's certaintly not wanted by the troops. The Police need a leader in charge not an ever more ...

 why did i get a letter sayin that im eligible to get arrested?
i get this letter sayin that i owe 280 dollars and if i dont pay within 5 days i'll go to jail or they will put a warrent out for my arrest. im like what the hell im on vacation right now and im ...

 Why Did the Police Move in So Quickly Right Before the Shooting at the Amish Schoolhouse?
Why did the Pennsylvania State Police display such a massive, aggressive show of force at the isolated Amish schoolhouse?

Did that approach possibly make the to-be-shooter feel completely ...

 Look up prisoners?
I am trying to look up a prison. EIther in the state of Tennesse or Mississippi. Every place I've found you have to pay. Please help....

 What should i do?
Hi ya, i was sitting in my lounge and i heard tyres screeching so i looked out the window and either a drunk driver or someone that could not drive was mounting the pavement and then smashed into a ...

How Do I Find Out If I'm Still On Probation?
I haven't talked to (or seen obviously) my probation officer for over 6 months. She hasn't called or anything and I'm not sure If I was on/am on informal probation on regular probation. For a while I saw her once a month, she would always call to set a date, then she went on pregnancy leave and I was supposed to be assigned another probation officer although it never happened. When she came back from leave I saw her twice (the meetings were two months apart) then I never heard from her again. My probation was supposed to end June 19, 2008, but I'm almost afraid to call for the possibility i'll be in trouble for not seeing my probation officer for so long.

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I would definately call to check!

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You can only find out by contacting the court, or your probation officer.

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hi ...iok you have done all the right things...sounds like the system is to blame for the oversight....but for your own sanity and protection against breaking parole etc...I would be asking a few questions on where you stand...that demonstrates to the powers that be (law enforcement) you have made an effort to adhere to your paroles rules...its the department thats at fault...its their oversight, find out even if you make a call... it will be clear as to exactly where you stand...be strong..its not your mistake or anything you did...better the devil you know..and put an end to the doubts and fears you are experiencing... so you can put past behind you and move forward in your life without looking over your shoulder...good luck

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Well, it kinda sounds like they dropped the ball although you should have contacted them sooner. It seems like they should have been trying to contact you if you were on probation. You havent been ducking or hiding from them have you?
If you can afford it i would go to a attorney and ask them about this. Maybe get them to approach your probation officer and see whats up.
If you cant afford one-you really still need to get this straightened out. You dont want to go around forever worrying about the cops knocking on your door or pulling you over one day.

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You need to just call and explain the situation. Otherwise you will be or could be in violation of the terms of your probation. I'd get in touch with someone and honestly tell them that you didn't know what to do. I would hope they'd be more likely to appreciate that you made the effort to see what is going on. Ignoring it will make it worse on you in the long run.

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