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Nebula D
Does a policeman have to give his name/badge # when asked?
If I see an officer engaged in some form of misconduct, does he/she have the right to refuse to give me his/her name and badge number?
Additional Details
Also, what is the penalty for an officer who refuses to provide such information when asked? Is it treated as a crime on the officer's part? Or is he/she simply punished within the department only?

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A decent cop will give it to you, but he is a jerk he can arrest you

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Good question. I'm not sure but I think since they're a public servant that they would have to. Seems right? lets see if anyone else knows. I'm curious.

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As one other answerer indicated, I also would have to provide either my name OR my badge number, but I am not required to write it down. Is there more to this question or jus a general question?
Hopefully you're not out looking for things for officers to get in trouble for, but otherwise, I appreciate the question for what it is. I think the more the public knows how police work works, the better off we all are. Just don't get in the middle of what officers are doing in an effort to obtain the information you are looking for. It could be seen in a different light and you could ultimately get arrested for delaying or resisiting an officer in the course of their duties. Definitely not worth that! All the best.

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Kenneth C
To the best of my knowledge is no specific requirement in Missouri state law or in our department policy about an officer being required to give such information when asked. My name tag is on the left side of the uniform and my badge number is on the right side (me looking down, mirrored if you are looking at me).

However, if someone has a complaint about an officer, it looks bad on his/her part if they refuse to give that information when asked.

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I believe it's a matter if he is on duty or not. If he is on duty and you feel there is a strong need of reporting him to his supervisor or whatnot, (s)he does need to provide the information.

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If you have a department that actually cares about the officers and the civilians... you could go to the department and file a formal complaint about what you saw... they can investigate to find out who it was by the location and time you give them. Where I live, the officers are required to give their location anytime they get out of the car, and dispatch is required to log it. I think it would be up to the person abused to file charges against the officer. In that case It would be police brutality and a good lawyer could subpoena the information from the department.

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NO, an officer always has to provide this information. There have been people who have disgusied as police and tried to arrest and ticket people falsely.
However getting a stuck up police officer to provide the information may be more difficult then it should be.

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That would be a department policy violation, not a law. If someone demands my name and badge number, I have to provide it or I could get suspended. I just dont have to write it down, so their drunk asses better have a pen and paper or they better remember it the next morning when they wake up!

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in texas a officer has to tell you his name and badge number. if he refuses it is a misdemeanor in class c.it is just a fine with no jail time.not sure about other states.
----------retired texas deputy sheriff----------

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