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I am 16 years old and living a horrible life at home. I have gone into a depression and feel the urge to kill myself every day. I would like to know ; What are the requirements to become legally ...

 My friend says the people she was living with got busted for stealing and the cops took *everything*.?
My friend used to live with some people who had another girl living there. This other girl was stealing things and hiding them in their garage. So when someone ratted her out, the cops took *every*...

 Help, I need defence advice?

Can anyone think of some really good crime prevention, defense websites; I need to get lost of info fast?

i want to know how to aviod being a victim of a likily criminal ...

 Police Background.....BI'S HELP
I am currently going through backgrounds with a police department in CA. One of the questions on the background packet is if I have ever been accused by a co-worker of being racist....I had been ...

 If i'm in the passenger seat and have been drinking earlier(and am under aged) and let my 20yr friend drive my
car home with me in the passenger seat. if i get pulled over can i get in trouble?? tickets, jail, let go, warning.etc? any info would be appreciated.
Additional Details
im over the age ...

 what would a officer do?
If I refuse to go on a trip with my parents because I would lose my job that took me 3 months to find cause there scarce right now could the cop force me into the car what would happen if my mom ...

 Can I file a complaint against my neighbor...?
My neighbor's grand kids threw large rocks in my pool. I didn't see it happen, but after confronting my neighbor, they confessed to it. How would I go about this to protect myself if it ...

 Can an adult hit a minor if he goes into his house and hits someone?
Personal Problems....

 police, lawyers, or judges....is this a crime?
what would this be charged as?

i removed a bolt from a plaque at a university (long story)

as i was going to put it back, someone noticed, and i was reprimanded.


 Received a Speeding Ticket?
I got a speeding ticket from a Hyw patrol officer but he didn't have me sign it. Is it still a valid ticket?...

 should people follow all laws even the outdated ones or stupid?

 I have traffic warrants, help?
If you have traffic warrants in a certain town or county, will they show up if you get your license renewed in another town/county?...

 does anyone seriously know how to look up if someone has gun or not? its a life or death situation ?
my bestfriends kids have been kidnapped by a very violent person and we can get that person put in jail if we can find out if that persons parents own a gun because they arent allowed to be any where ...

 How can I obtain misdemeanor warrant without suspect's info?
Ok, I live at apt and next door was having a party. Music was too loud, so I went there, told them it's loud. Then all the sudden, this guy came out and punched in the face. I called cops but ...

 how much time in jail can you get for first time domestic battery?

 i want to know if thers's something you can do to brake a camera that is faceing your house and yard?

 I have a 16yr old brother that is in Juevnile!?
can he be retain in juvey for riding along with a friend and it just happen to be that that friend had a gun? So now they all got arrested! His been in juevy for about 3 wks now and we still dont ...

 When the militias of patriots rise against the govt, will the cops be with them or crushed by them?
I would hope those who swore to protect and defend the constitution would be with the militias.


 how to fix a broken police station?

 What are good tactics to survive a riot?
I saw the news of the rioting in Greece, and I asked my mom to look after my cat for 1 week, I just booked a plane ticket to Athens leaving tomorrow evening, I want to go to the riots.

I ...

Can you leave the country (USA) if you have a misdemeanor?
I have no idea if this is true or not, but my cousin said if you have a misdemeanor, you aren't allowed to leave the country. I got one a few months ago for minor in possession of alcohol, will that affect me being able to go into Canada (I live in Detroit, right on the US/Canada border)?

Thanks in advance.

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2009-10-08 18:22:48 +0000
of course. your cousin is busting your chops.

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2009-10-08 18:23:26 +0000
no lol

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2009-10-08 18:27:17 +0000
YES.... I have a felony from my teenage years, now i'm 47 and i go to the philippines every year for 1 month to bang young hot chicks because over there you can get away with it, over here you can't and i never had a problem with passport issues or anything.

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2009-10-08 18:23:34 +0000
you can leave the country.

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2009-10-08 18:23:46 +0000
go have fun its felons they don't like in canada

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2009-10-08 18:24:29 +0000
There are no restrictions on anyone leaving the u.s. Getting accepted into another country is another question but the u.s. does not stop anyone from leaving unless agents become aware of an active warrant.

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2009-10-08 18:22:41 +0000
Your good man.:) Go have a blast man..

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