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 What are some characteristics of inmates?
What are some characteristics of inmates? ... I have already come up with manipulative, hostile, unstable.. Looking for a few more from those in the field....

does anyone know what the requirements to become an fbi or cia agent are?????

and don't say i watch television too much!!!!:P

i really need to know it!!! i read u need to ...

 Why is corporal punishment considered "cruel and unusual" for adults, but spanking children is not ?
Wouldn't adult criminals be considered more culpable. In Puritan days it was common....

 is there any problem with possessing peoples signatures?
i was just wondering, in a court of law, if you had a small database of staff signatures (and your not an employer), is there any problem leagaly with this?...

 If someone hits my girlfriend, I hit him and then he hits me what are the ramifications?
I was at a gig and he thought he would elbow my girlfriend in the chest to get her out of the way. I busted his eyebrow out of rage and he then split my lip. I had to hold my girlfriend back to stop ...

 How can I physically prepare for police academy?
I am hoping to go to police academy in January 2011. I know that I need to lose a few pounds and get back into shape before I start the process. What is the best way to go about doing this? Should I ...

 Internship for police department. Will it help?
I am only steps away from interning for a police department. San Francisco Police Department to be specific. I am 19 years old, about to turn 20 in a month. I am interning for SFPD because I'm ...

 How to become a 999 operator? (UK)?
I'd like to be a call operator for the police, but any emergency services would do I suppose. How would I do this? I found you can do it through BT, is this right? Their careers page is really ...

 License revocation for going 24+ mph over posted limit (under 21)?
Does anyone have experience with this type of situation?
I just took my defensive driving class today, two weeks after getting a speeding ticket for going 27 over. I deserve to get my license ...

 Prison rape?
Hi! I was just wondering, is female prison like male prison, girls can get raped too? If so, how common is it? Do girls get beat up? Sorry if this is a weird qestion, but my cousin is going to prison ...

 Is there some type of financial compensation for wrongful imprisonment?
I realize people are not very often wrongfully imprisoned. I'm just curious if there is some type of financial compensation for those that are and later found to be innocent.
If there is,...

 Is it legal if a police officer arrest me just for refuse to strip my shirt off?
Ok, i was doing my exercises in the park and came that police officer and request me for take my shirt off, then I told her, are you crazy?
She insisted and I just ran away from her and then ...

 Is this the best version of Go Tell it on The Mountain ever?
To me this is the best version of Go Tell It on The Mountain, Nana Mouskouri has a heavenly voice
I have heard almost all versions of Go T...

 is it good early release of non-violent offenders?
is it good early release of non-violent offenders? do you think is an effective response to california's budget crisis and severe prison overcrowding?

give the cons and pros please.. ...

 Do you feel that this is excessive force?

Additional Details

 Is it murder?
i just wanted to get your attention...

i just read that they're planning to kill
wild horses because there's too many
...what do you think about this?
do you think ...

 Who would allow their guns to be confiscated?
If it boilded down to it and say Obama declared martial law; who would hand over their guns?...

 How could Lil Wayne get arrested for gun possession?
I thought the US had a second amendment that allows a man to carry a gun. Was the gun illegal or was it a state law thing?...

 Sex offenders get life registration even the misdemeanor offenses. Isn't that excessive?
A murderer can get 20 years and out in 15 with no registration requirement. A guy got caught pissing outside (a misdemeanor) and has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his natural life! <...

 How can I find out the last time I took traffic school in CA?
I have to pay a ticket off, and I'm not sure the last time I took traffic school. Would the clerk at the courthouse be able to tell me when I go in to pay for the school or pay off the ticket?...

Can you go to jail for yelling at a judge?
cause im always going to court for missing school and im getting mad

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it wouldn't hurt to try, max time you'll get is 1 year guaranteed

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Yes you can, so don't do it.

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nas88car300 Carl E finally wins !!!!!!
yes you can
its called contempt of court
you can be fined and jailed

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Yes. It's called "contempt of court"

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Yell at someone else. A judge has real power.

This is one of those moments when you have to think before you speak.

I assure you, the judge doesn't care about your problems and will think of you as a bug he can step on and squash in a second should you irritate him.

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Yes, you can. It's called contempt of court. Here's a good idea to avoid having to go to court for missing school... go to school. If not, man up and deal with the consequences.

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Yes. It's called "Contempt of Court." Good luck in prison.

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Nicole H
Probably.. try going to school instead :)

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Yes-it's called Contempt of Court. He or she can throw you in jail and keep you there until you apologize,so show respect.

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Susie Q
Dont be a fool. U yell at a judge >>> He will get the last say as they are escorting U to jail >>> Contempt of court

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