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Cherie B
Can you be arrested at home if you have a bench warrant or arrested only if you get picked up?

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Yes..If you get pulled over and the cop is a $#@#. He can arrest you or if he's nice he can give you a new court date..

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Normally a bench warrant means they are not out looking for you, but if they run across you they'll bring you in.

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911 Gear
A bench warrant does not give police the right to breach a persons privacy.

At your home you have the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Generally a warrant is required to make an arrest in a dwelling house.


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If you have a bench warrant in most cases they will not come to your house or try to find you, especially if its traffic related. If you have several though and they are criminal it wouldn't surprise me if they came a knocking. The best thing to do is get a lawyer to set up new court date and have him go to court for you(if its really bad), or go with him, and try not to miss this this one this time. Usually a lawyer will be able to get you a new court date and its possible you can avoid doing anytime with Bubba, Crazy-Boy. LOL. If you do not take care of it then the next routine traffic stop or "let me see your I.D." and your off to the slammer.!!

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Sometimes a county will have "warrant sweeps" and go out and ring doorbells trying to find everyone with a warrant---these are usually announced on the local news. I think it's a way for the county or city to bring more money in during a certain period.

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I'm pretty sure -- if you have a bench warrant -- they can also get a search warrant if they know where you are....and yes, you can get arrested.

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yup so if i was you i'll be on the look out

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a bench warrant simply means that a judge has ordered a warrant for your arrest. As far as I know it is not treated any differently than a normal warrant. If it is for a felony they will try and pick you up, if it is only for a misdemeanor there arent going to waist the tax payers money to come get you. Now if you have a bad record or if the police are checking your ID for any other reason and come across the warrant, your goin to jail. So if you are playing your music up to loud and your neighbors call the cops on you, when they get there to tell you to turn down the music and check your ID.... they will probably check for a warrant. Good luck!

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If they knock on the door and you answer it then they will take you in.

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Jeri E
anywhere, depends on how busy the police department is if they have time they will go to your house your best bet is just to turn your self in

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Bob T
Yes you can if the police have any reason to go to your home.

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john a
Both. Turn yourself in and the bail will be much much lower. If you are caught it could be used against you in court and you will be viewed as a flight risk. Also the charges against you will be stronger.

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This will depend on a number of factors. What is the warrant for, your criminal history, your attitude when first given the ticket, the philosophy of the PD and the individual cop.

At my department we are given lists of people in our city with active warrants with the expectation that during the slow times we arrest them. Obviously some officers are more proactive than others. I personally treat hunting warrants as a fun challenge.

Sometimes I'll call the "fugitive" and give them the opportunity to turn themselves in. On other occasions, we'll track them down and arrest them, at home, at work, driving, at ma's house, at the store etc without any warning.

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If you have a bench warrant for yourself they can come into your home and arrest you. The warrant squad will show up at any known address is order to do so. You can also be picked up on the warrant if you have been arrested again but this doesn't always happen. It usually however throws up a red flag and the warrant officers come soon after.

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Yes. Anywhere, anytime. That's what we call "Arrest on Sight"

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Daniel T
Yes, you can be arrested at home. Otherwise, every criminal in the world would just 'go home' to avoid punishment.

The honorable thing to do is to go the police and turn yourself in and save the taxpayers the time and expense of looking for you.

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why? Is ther something you need to tell us?

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the Police or the Sheriff Dept. can serve you at your home or place of business.

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you can be arrested at home. Sometimes they do bench warrant sweeps, and if for any reason you give a cop your name anywhere you will go to jail for the warrant. If someone breaks in or etc...and cops come you will go to jail.

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A warrant is a warrant. Sounds to me, if you "get picked up" it may happen to be because of the warrant. Better idea. Turn yourself in and get it cleared up.

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u can be arrested for anything

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Who's there?

The Police

What do you want?

We have a warrant for your arrest.

Yes, they can get you at home, while you are shopping, get you at work or stop you on the road and get you... and many other scenarios. When you have a warrant, you are wanted by the law and can be arrested at any time, any place. Best take care of it as soon as you can so you won't have to worry about it :)

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A warrant authorizes the arrest any time anywhere. Whether there is someone charged with trying to find the person is another question.

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If there is a warrant out for you, you can be arrested anywhere

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Classy Granny
If there is a bench warrant they can pick you up anywhere.

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You CAN be arrested at home, work, wherever you are. Police get lists of people with warrants from the court. Often we go out and try to bring them in.

Better contact the court and get it taken care of,, if you have to make bail it will cost you more than the ticket.

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If there is a warrant out for your arrest you can be arrested anywhere.

Don't break the law and everything will be fine.

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