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 can you shoot someone in the back if they break in your house (probably to rob) or whatever?
i remember hearing you can get in trouble if they turn around while your just about to shoot them and if you hit there back your in deep crap?? i live in Philadelphia
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 Am I even at risk for eviction?
To make a long story short, I was smoking pot with a friend yesterday. He came over to me. His mom found out. She called the cops. The cops questioned me. I admitted to smoking pot in my apartment. B...

 If the MS-13 Street gang has 10,000 members in 42 states, should law enforcement begin to come concerned?

 if i have over 40 parking tickets what will happen to me?
I have had a warrent for my arrest posted to me, will i go to jail? please ...

 Law Enforcement Question?
When a 21 year old is applying for a job at the police department and he has a 80 college credits in Criminal Justice but he has a reckless driving citation on his record when he was 19 years old. W...

 is there certain foods that can set off a breathalyzer?
i have a breathalizer in my car do to a dwi i got. well ive been sober for about a year and a half and went to my car today at 2pm and it gave me a positive reading .i called my po but its sunday and ...

 How do I look up a police rap sheet online at the Department of Justice website?
A police station told me I could look it up there but I'm having trouble navigating on the site?...

 How much time could I get for a first offense, charged with 16 grams of cocaine, trafficing?
I was riding with 2 other friends, 1 guy was driving and went through a speed trap, blue lights came on, he jumped out of the front seat into the back. I had no choice but to jump in the driver seat ...

 when does a misdemeanor come off your record in missouri?

 why is police station called a station and not an office?
as we know railway station, bus station but why a police ...

 Visiting somebody in jail?
My boyfriend is in jail,not prison,and i'm suppose to be going to visit him in a few days.
what should i expect to happen?i have no clue about anything i will have to do....

 How do I get a felony expunged from my record?
I was arrested and charged with second theft about two years ago. I have paid my restitution and it was a deferred judgement. How would I go about expunging this from my record? And if I did this ...

 myex landlord is trying to get me for absconding my apartment he knew i was moving but now denies it?
what should i do? i have nothing in writing cuz i trusted ...

 How many people can you kill in self-defense before you go to prison for life?
So many people want to carry handguns for self defense, but if you shoot someone you'll probably kill them. What happens after a gun carrying citizen shoots or kills someone in self defense? W...

 Drinking Underage but not drunk - UK what would happen?!?
If you are caught by the police drinking underage what happens in the UK? I'm talking about a large group of people and only the older ones nearer to 18 drinking. Not drunk just for a little get ...

 If a guilty plea is expunged do you have to report it?
I am applying for a state license in health care. 15 years ago I was arrested but due to my exemplary background I was given judicial diversion which I successfully completed. The record was ...

 Cat sits on my car, alarm goes off for 4 hours, cops give me a ticket?
Around 2AM the other night, a cat sat on top of my car and the car alarm went off for about 4 hours straight because it continued to sit there. I checked my car in the morning and there was a ticket ...

 Will i be stalked over this?
Ok so im 16 and emotionally messed up and im not myself at all cos my dad is dying im not handling it well at all. I was on holiday and was in town feeling all happy and like nothing could get me ...

 i got my first ever speeding ticket a few days ago. any chances of it getting lowered?
i was driving through Barstow memorial day weekend towards vegas doing 85 in a 70 zone when i got stopped. i am guilty here but i know for a fact i cant afford the ticket since my budget is tight as ...

 questions about protecting myself against a burglar?
IF im going to attack him do i HAVE to kill him?
can i be sued by him if i only injure him and he gets away?
Additional Details
well if someone did break in. no way in hell im ...

Can a police officer date a felon that is on Probation?
My conviction was 3-years ago. It was the only blemish on my record. I am an upstanding citizen in the community.
Additional Details
It's obvious, that some the answers I've received from those of you in Law Enforcement are as I thought they'd be...Being convicted of a felony does not make me a bad person. Yes. I did break the law, and, I've paid for my mistake. Are you so shallow to think that everyone falls under the typical "Once a criminal, always a criminal" stereotype? I have great respect for the law and everything you all live and breathe for..Upholding the law, and, arresting those who have broken it. I, however, at one point in my life, was distraught and acted without contemplating the consequences...I have and will continue to pay for those consequences. So... to sum this up, you're basically telling me that I'm not good enough of a person to date a cop. Period. Boy, I'm glad you weren't my arresting officers..Lord only knows how I would have been treated...

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Death Panelist
If you're a felon on probation, there's no way you can possibly be an upstanding citizen in the community. You're a criminal, so don't forget it.

The police officer also knows that he can't date you or associate with felons, so he's not going to risk his career.

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Police Officers have to choose their friends wisely. We are guily by association. Your reputation is all you have in this career, it can get you hired or fired. It would be at the very least unwise for the officer to date you.

I see a lot of responses regarding firearms. This is true, however, I know in my state that just the fact you were convicted of a felony does not necessarily bar you from owning or possessing a firearm. There are a list of certain offenses, some of them misdemeanors, that prohibit you from owning/carrying a gun. A few in example;

Aggravated Assault if the assault was committed using a firearm
Impersonating a police officer

There are some offenses that require them to be second and third offenses for this to take effect.

Surrendering firearms may be a condition of probation, but afterward, unless convicted of these offenses they would be allowed to have them again. I'm sure you know whether you are capable of owning a gun, but hopefully this information will help anyone with a similar question.

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There would be no law against it, anywhere in the U.S. However the officer would have to be very careful about having their guns around you since a felon can not be in possession of a firearm. Which means even in the same dwelling as a firearm. Most departments though will have policies restricting or prohibiting their officers from associating with known felons.

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An officer should not hang out with a felon.Actually in some states it is illegal for a police officer to date a felon.A felon also can not possess a firearm there for the officer could not keep her or his gun in the house if they live together.I think it would not be a wise decision on the officers part.

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Dan B
It would not be smart for the police officer. His career could be in jeopardy, or at least promotion opportunities. The problem is a felon cannot have access to a firearm. Depending upon where the officer keeps the fire arm may jeopardize your status, also.

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Not at my department. It would be a violation of policy to have ongoing social contact with a felon.

And for the record, not to sound offensive. But 3 years ago is not that long. It is a little soon after your felony conviction to refer to yourself as "an upstanding citizen in the community".

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