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 What is meant by a single yellow dashed line between two solid yellow lines?
I have never seen that configuration before. It was on some country highway in a western state - can't recall where now.
Additional Details
FYI, it was just a two lane road, if that ...

 Can you get locked up for..?
Denting a neighbors window with a crow bar because you thought you knew someone who had just walked into their house who had done something to you awhile back but it was not them..? what is the worst ...

 If you were babysitting the neighbor's lil girl and then he was charged w/ rape, would you still watch her????
Well I wathced her for almost 4 months and then I got really sick and told him that I couldn't watch the baby untill I was well, so he a 17 chick come to his house to watch her and for unknown ...

 what weapons do cops have now?
Gun, taser, and pepper spray?

I have seen like a pepper spray gun now that crowd control uses on ...

 which states have the most aggressive highway patrols for moving violations?

 Cops or anyone who would know?
if someone is pulled over, for let's say speeding, does a cop have the right to go through ur car, make u open ur trunk, search ur glove compartment, or any of that.
im not hiding anything ...

 how do i file harassment charges on my child's father?
he's sending text, calling, having other people to call playing on my phone, hanging up, telling me to watch my back and i will see his steel (gun)
Additional Details
will it matter ...

 can a cop give you a ticket because he assumed you did something wrong?
i had gotten into an accident like back in november, and the cop said it was my fault, because i didnt turn at a 90 degree angle, and thats why the OLD lady at the STOP sign hit me. how would i have ...

 did these cops legally arrest this kid and approprietly?
i saw a random kid get arrested when i drove down a street full of frats. the cops did not do anything except arrest one mexican and left everyone else. their was fifty people siting on the curb ...

 Do I have to court for this ticket?
I got a ticket in St. Charles Parish, LA, for going 74 in a 55. Do I have to show up for court or can I just pay it and not have to go?...

 What to do? Trigger pull on Sig Sauer is difficult.?
I was recently hired as a Police Officer and I shot for the first time about a week ago. The first couple rounds went fine but after that it was too difficult for me to pull the trigger. The I...

 how do i turn in a person i know whos murdered someone,when i only know the state and it happend 4 yrs ago?
he told me he shot the mother.and the mothers daughter became and orphan. only thing i know is that it happend in Minnesota,4 yrs ago ?...if theres no point or their most likely cant prove it...let ...

 Boyfriend was arrested for selling bud?
Back in February my boyfriend was busted selling a total of 3 ounces of marijuana. He has his court date in July but has since gotten a job, and picked up his grades in school. He's 20 years ...

 just got robbed out of my dorm... robber left his bag....?
I was robbed friday the guy took well over $3000 dollars of electronics and stuff. Come to find out after giving a police report and everything i saw the guy forgot his bag in my room. This happened ...

 Is This Legal ???
I had a dirtbike stolen from my garage so I put up a 13 foot privacy fence. I also installed 6 night vision camaras, got guardian home security, and a trained german shepard which was trained to ...

 can I be put in Jail/prison for this?
hello. this will be long.. but please tell me if I can get in trouble with the law for this, or if he can.
I know this guy.. I was dating him months and months ago, but every time I went to ...

 Is there a law against what this officer did?
Last night I parked in a vacant parking lot. I was gone for about an hour and a half, and my car had been towed.

I looked around to see if there was any signage that said you couldn't ...

 I got a speeding ticket and want to contest it, but I go to school over 140 miles away, what can I do?
I got a speeding ticket for doing 75 in a 65 on the PA turnpike, first off I wasn't going 75, and I was passing an 18-wheeler that was going uphill with a car in front of me and two cars behind ...

 I killed someone today, And i dont know what to do?
Yes it all happened in the yard: some of my friends was over and some people got into a fight, they pushed me by accident and then i got mad because i've been telling them to stop...
thats ...

 My friend got pulled over and got a DUI .....?
Well they gave him a citation and on there they put the wrong time that it happend and also put the wrong date the put the date as the 31st and the time as 1:30pm when it should of been the 30th at 1:...

Can a person with no law enforcement background run for sheriff?
I have heard it used to be that way any how. Simply depended on how many votes you got. I am curious. Can a common citizen run for county sheriff?

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2010-06-19 21:37:09 +0000
In California you have to have a Peace Officer Standards and Training Administrative Certificate

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2010-06-19 21:31:04 +0000

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2010-06-19 21:30:18 +0000
You do not have to be qualified to be elected to any office and that includes sheriff.

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2010-06-19 22:09:53 +0000
Yes, in many states anyone can RUN for sheriff,and occasionally a person with a business management background gets in, and the law enforcement aspects of the job are delegated to the most qualified of the deputy sheriffs. This also works in states which have overlap with the state police, as anything requiring expert forensics, etc.would be handled by them anyway.

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2010-06-19 21:29:21 +0000
In states that have an office of an elected sheriff anyone can run for Sheriff. But in many states the Sheriff is a civil service position thus he is not elected.

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2010-06-19 21:45:51 +0000
Almost every state has a sheriff.
Some states have a Metropolitan Police Force so there is no actual Sheriff of the said county but a united town, city and county force.
Yes any Sheriffs position is open to a vote by the public.

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2010-06-19 22:05:54 +0000
In most counties and parishes in the US, anyone can run for sheriff.

The job is typically the manager of the county law enforcement office, and the manager of the county jail.

HOWEVER, in most states, for someone to serve as a law enforcement officer, they have to have graduated from an accredited law enforcement academy. Most states allow a newly-elected sheriff to complete the law enforcement academy shortly after the election, if the person is otherwise qualified to attend.

The short answer to your question is yes, but...

- Stuart

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