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 What will happen if i don't go to court today to pay my fine?
i have to go to court today and pay the rest of my fine but i don't have a ride so i can't pay it so does that mean i'm going to get a warrant out my arrest and then when i go back to ...

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 I am 17 living in Illinois, I just got a speeding ticket?
I've had one before.
The cop said I just have to go to the courthouse to pay the $75 fine, but it clearly says in the textbook that if you get two speeding tickets in one year's time, ...

 changing story to the police?
what happens if you lied to police to protect a good friend but now regret it? what would happen if i told them truth and changed my statement?? i dont feel like losing my abilty to get licence for 1+...

 If you were a cop and someone bribed you half a million dollars, would you take it?
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 Is bestiality still illegal?
I was thinking of buying a farm, but I want to know my rights......

 Saying " It wasn;t rape it was just rough sex "?
So It all took place thursday night.
i was raped, and the police notifided me today
saying they just know found him and he said it was just rough sex.
I had tearing and bruising ...

 what are the worst charges a 17 yr old can get from shoplifiting?
im 17 and i got stealing under $20.00 worth of stuff from walmart in new jersey but i live in pennsyvanlia and the cop said it would be transfered over to pa. when i was taken to the police station i ...

 do all cops in usa carry guns?

 Can I become a police officer if i have smoked A LOT of weed?
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 How is this possible for something to be legal but illegal?
Like in Cali. weed is legal by state law but federal law it is illegal.
So couldn't the hospitals that prescribe it get in trouble?

& if so many people smoke it why is it ...

 can my boyfriend go to jail for something I didnt see?
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 What laws do you disagree with the most?
Just a fun question, don't everyone freak out and say no laws! the law is the law lol.
mine are,

1) DWI checkpoints - they are against your right but somehow the Supreme Court ...

 Bail shouldnt be allowed!!!!????
Yes bail should be allowed for some things like fights or something. But not for certain things. Like murders. What if he bails himself out? He can kill others again and pay himself out again. Why ...

 Can somebody get arrested for what they say on MSN?
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 When serving a search warrant when do cops have to announce who they are?

 Wll the internet save us from Uncle Sam's schemes?

 what happened to the cop accused of killing his wife?
I'm not sure her name was stacey ...

 DEA-authority to arrest?
Who may the DEA arrest (i know they are a narcotics division but just read on) if they saw someone with a warrant for their arrest i.e. murder,rape,assault etc. could they arrest them? or can they ...

 If you get arrested for something you didnt do and the person that did it confesses, dont they have arrest him?
My friend(Bob) is a school teacher and his friend just past away. He has been hanging out with his deceased friend's 18 year old brother(Dan). The other evening, the Dan was over Bob's ...

Am I responsible for medical bills for treatment I didn't want while under police custody?
I was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and did have a very high blood alcohol content. I had sprained my ankle earlier in the evening and it was swelling already a bit when I got pulled over. I have sprained my ankles many times during sports, so I knew I didn't need to go to an emergency department. The officer took me anyway and now I'm sitting here looking at a $700 bill! I didn't even receive treatment! I didn't get ice, a wrap, nothing! I am livid. I'm hoping someone with more knowledge than I about our RIDICULOUS legal system can help me!!! There is no way I can pay this bill!
Additional Details
Oh, and for those who want to lecture and reprimand me for driving drunk, I don't need your advice, thanks. If you knew the whole story, like how I was kicked out of the house i was at, my phone got locked inside after I was pushed down stairs by that same guy when he got home then you might have a clearer picture. What about how he stood in the lawn screaming at me to leave and throwing rocks at my car? Oh, you wouldn't have left then either? Than you are as ridiculous as the legal system and moronic to boot. I know the consequences of drunk driving, I have a sister who almost died thanks to it. This was five miles and I was in danger where I was with no way to call for help. If I had any other option, it would have been utilized. Cops need not reply. Personally, I hate them. The only arguement they have is "what if you need us someday?" and guess what, I never will. I have a gun, that's the only advantage you have on the average citizen. Oh, and the right to be an ignorant P.O.S.

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2009-09-23 19:08:46 +0000
So why didn't you refuse to be seen while you were in the ER? You could have refused to be seen and refuse any treatment even while in Police custody. The hospital's ER will see and treat you if needed so long as you do not refuse. Perhaps you were too intoxicated to realize what was happening? lol

Sorry, looks like you are gonna be responsible for this bill. Shouldn't have gotten in the car to drive after drinking.

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2009-09-23 19:10:03 +0000
I think you might be,so sorry!

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2009-09-23 19:12:01 +0000
Did you tell the officer you refused? How intoxicated were you determined to be? If it was high, the officer may have felt you were not in your right frame of mind and you should be looked at anyway. The reason you were probably taken was so that the officer could prove that one: He/she did not cause the injury to you and two: that you were checked out medically. Many people could get an injury and then get pulled over and arrested like you, and then blame the police for causing the injury. Think it hasn't happened? It's just CYA for the officer and your own well being. Don't want that to happen again? I'd suggest don't drink and drive.

As also mentioned above, you could have refused at the hospital. There's an Against Medical Advice form you could have filled out.

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2009-09-23 20:27:51 +0000
So you were driving drunk, with a "very high blood alcohol content". It's a real good thing you didn't crash your car. You could have seriously injured or killed someone else, or seriously injured yourself. Would you have been able to afford the bill then?

As it happens, you now have an arrest for DWI. Your insurance is going to go up, if it isn't canceled altogether. Can you afford that?

Luckily, all that happened is that you got a bill from the emergency room for unsolicited treatment. That should count as a $700 lesson that you just learned. If you can't afford an unsolicited hospital bill, or afford the legal costs from a DWI arrest, then don't drive drunk.

EDIT: I don't have to receive e-mail on here. And it's just as easy for you to hit someone if you're driving drunk after being pushed down the stairs and kicked out of the house than it would be if you were driving drunk after being at a fun party with no altercations. Maybe even more so, since you were being emotional.

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2009-09-23 19:08:03 +0000
so don't' pay it.

besides -- you'll need your money to pay your DUI fines and court costs.

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2009-09-23 20:55:48 +0000
Let me get this straight.... It's ok to drive drunk, but the legal system is RIDICULOUS because you got a bill for your medical expenses???

Hey, don't worry about it.... when they send you to prison, you'll get free medical for your entire 20 years......

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