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 Who is liable in a car accident?
I sold my car and signed the title over to the buyer. Two weeks later he was in an accident causing $24,000 in damage. He was not insured and somehow managed to get plates on the car. As far as I ...

 can you renew your car tags without your registration paper?
I lost my registration paper to my vehicle and need to get my tags renewed, what does someone have to do to get their registration back to get the tags?...

 how many test do you have to do to get into the ambulance?

 What to Do? Odometer rolled back. Bought On line/EBay?
Please help guys. I bought a Range Rover on internet. It has been about 2 months. It has had issues here & there. the seller (in another state) has been very hateful when asked about the flaws he ...

 i got into a car wreck?
shorten it up, a guy hit me in the rear end. it hurt my bumper, we just walked away but now i feel like we should have traded info. what do you think?...

 Why do Arizona Drivers take so long to expire?
I live in Cali, and we have to keep renewing ours every 5 yrs. Why is it in Arizona it can take up to 50 yrs? If your 75yrs old wouldn't it be kinda funny when you get pulled over for speeding ...

 Im 17 and ive claimed twice on my car insurance, will it go up? Even though i already had 0 no claims discount?
One accident was my fault, and the other way split 50/50 with the other driver....

 what is the penilty for driving without a license?

 does my auto insurance cover rental cars?

 You have won a judgement against a driver that hit. He won't pay what can you do?
my son in CA was hit by a person backing up while leaving the underground lot. No insurance, Son took him to court, had video of accident and security guard testified, Son won 2500. But he won't ...

 Auto insurance company is claiming that a "coverage issue" is delaying my claim. Whats the deal?
So i was in an accident on March 3-3-09 and the other driver said she admitted fault. The driver had a different insurance than the car. In California(which is where the accident took place), I have ...

 What would happen if I get pulled over in a rental car with only a permit in CA?

 Insurance on a New Car?
Ok so im going to pick up a car in 2 days that I am financing. The dealer told me that I have to get Full coverage on the car. Well for me full coverage is $279...

My question is... Could ...

 How do i go about getting a settlement from a car accident.?
I was a passanger in a car accident in July. My friend was driving over the speed limit around a corner and smacked us into a tree, I had a cut so deep in my forehead i had to have stitches and it ...

 The new 07 registration is with us. Has anyone ever been to collect their newly ordered vehicle and had an?
accident in it on their way home?

Or have you been taking your car to the garage to part exchange it for a new model, and had an accident on your way there?
Additional Details

 Any tips for taking a good drivers licence photo?

 British Driving Licence renewal rip off...?
Next year my wife and I have to forward our Photo ID Cards from our driving licences in for renewal...Its going to cost £17.50p each and then theres £8.00 for photo`s plus postage on top...

 What is the difference between an accident and an inncedent ?

 Car was not continuously insured in recent 6 months?
I traveled overseas for 2 months while my car was parked in the garage. I had auto insurance with a company for 2 years and canceled the policy when I started traveling.

When I was back in ...

 Car Insurance Question?
I live in Los Angeles and I am leaving the country for 6 month. Can I stop insurance of my car as no one will drive it? In case of theft how can I get it covered? Would the house insurance work in ...

David L
what if some one has your title of your car and sings your name what can you do?

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number 1
I bet it'll be a beautiful song.

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TAke them to court TV

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get a replacement deed. costs 10 bucks here.

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File a police compaint for forgery, and prosecute them for fraud.

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A) you have to prove it.
B) get yourself a lawyer.
C) THEY STOLE YOUR CAR! If you can prove it, then you should have no problem getting it back and maybe even handing out a sentence in the process.

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Getting a replacement title will not do any good. The DMV will accept the first title over the duplicate. This keeps people from selling a car, getting a duplicate title, and claiming to have never sold the car in order to rip people off. You are going to have to take it to court and prove that he stole your car and forged your name.

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