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Muller K
this guy hit my car and i didnt call the police because he said he will pay out his pocket to pay for it?
it has been a month now and he havent paid for anything what should i do?

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well. it's your fault for actually believing him. People are liars and you cannot afford to be naive. If you know information about him, take it to court and sue the pants off him for everything you can take.

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Sorry to tell you, there probably isn't much you can do about it at this point. Did you get his insurance information? or did you just take his work for it that he was going to pay for it? I just had a wreck 2 weeks ago and we didn't call the police either but we did exchange insurance info (even though I offered to pay out of pocket) and she filed it on my insurance and they are going to pay for it. **suggestion** next time...at least get the other person's insurance info.

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You should never do this because there are too many dishonest people. I work for an insurance company and I have seen this happen to people before. The best thing to if your car has alot of damage is to call your insurance company and report the claim. Explain to them what happened and give them the person's information. They wil pay for your damages minus any deductable that you have on your policy then they will subro(go after) him or his insurance company for the money. Right now though it does not look like the person that hit you had any intentions of ever paying you.

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First thing; always call the police. People love to use this scam to get out of paying for an accident. Second, at this point, about all you can do is go and file a suit in small claims court, and try to prove he damaged your vehicle. You can try to call the police, but being that so much time has past, you may not get results from them. Good luck

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Okay. First off, don't kick yourself too hard for trying to believe in another human being :o) Take any information you have to your insurance company and find out what they will allow you to do from there.

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and he is not going to either....without out a report, and the 2 of you exchanging insurance info. the cost of the repairs is on you. You are on your on on this one unless, you have his contact info., licenses plate, insurance info. The police would need to know this info., and they will be the ones who can tell you if there is anything that can be done.....

I guess you now know that from now on, you call the police.

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If you were smart enough to get a name, an address, or a phone number, Track him down and demand payment! Take a BIG guy with you, (boyfriend, or anybody you know), Just to stand there with you, he doesn't even have to say anything. Get something in writing from him right there, If he refuses, tell him you'll see him in court! Wait a day or two and call him and say my attorney (who charges $300.00 an hour) assures me he has a solid case, and will sue for damages, and attorney fees, plus court costs! If you want to make this right, here is your chance! Then either take him to court, or go over to his house with a sledge hammer and just beat the **** out of his car!!! It might be easier to ask your BIG guy to swing the hammer, he'll probably do a better job! Some people are rotten and just need to be taught a lesson about what happens when they try to rip someone off!!

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