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 I live in AZ, is their a grace period for safe auto car ins. and how long?
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 Do I have to be insured?
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 Is it My fault if I hit her car?
today after leaving a red light with a lady in front of me we passed a convenient store. I assume after passing the store she decided she wanted to go so she braked and attempted to make a u turn. I ...

 i was in a car accident.other drivers fault.hit & run.driver was under the influence.?
so i got hit by a driver that was drunk and she left the scene. but cops were able to catch her. i ended up with broken hand. it was not her car but her Friends car. how much can i sue for ? or win ??...

 what happens to your car if....?
If you purchase a vehicle from one of those "buy here pay here" car lots, the kind with in-house financing for people who cant get a bank loan, have the car for a year, and then the ...

 My Car was hit while parked, do i have to involve the cops or my insurance company?


 altering car insurance papers?
my husband simply scanned our insurance papers onto our computer. then altered the dates on it so that it was no longer expired. he has to go to court next week for it. what will happen to him?? i ...

 Will my car insurance be void if I don't disclose a speeding ticket?
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 I got pulled over and i didnt have my proof of insurance with me. i didnt get down to show proof in time. they?
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 Car Insurance Claim?
can i claim damage done to my car with out an incident report? i have a damaged bumper, which i have no idea who did it as i came out the house one day and it was like that. I also have damage on the ...

 do i need to hold my drivers permit for 9 months if i have already driven for 45 hours?

Additional Details
in ...

 Two boys fighting broke the side mirror off my car...who's reponsible? Please help!?
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 hitting a deer with a rental car?
do you contact your ...

 Failure to reduce speed to avoid accident, not my fault?
I was driving last fall on a 3 lane highway when a car next to me veered into my lane so I swerved to avoid him (stupid I know, but instinct). When this happened I lost traction of my back wheels and ...

 Bad accident but not at fault. Not going to get enough to cover car loan. What to do?
Because of somebody elses irresponsible use of their car my car is totaled and I'm sure the money I'm getting is not enough to cover the loan because I was upside down. I declined ...

 Buying a car with a lost title?
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I ...

 Are automatic car washed held responsible for damages?
I recently bought a car wash code bar from a Holiday station, (unlimited washes in a month), after the 5 wash i went home to dry off my black 03 silverado and noticed specks of paint were missing on ...

 They crashed my car. what do I do??please 10 points?
yesterday they crashed into my car. My car was parked. We exchanged information and everything. Today I called my insurance and they said I only have liability. Does that mean that the damages of the ...

Dave W911
my son wrecked my friends car. which insurance pays the damage?
My son is under 18 and is not on my insurance policy. My son lives with me and isn't barred from driving, just not listed on policy.

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2010-06-22 19:22:45 +0000
Your friends insurance will pay for it. You or your son should offer to pay the deductible.

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2010-06-22 19:32:22 +0000
Was he using their vehicle with their permission? If so, since insurance goes with the car, their policy will cover it assuming they have collision coverage, less the deductible amount.

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2010-06-22 19:22:00 +0000
Insurance follows the car, so the friend's policy will cover--if your son had the owner's permission to drive. However, only the named insured can give that permission. If your son's friend IS the named insured, his policy should cover, but if he's not, there could be serious problems. However, your policy won't cover it, named driver or not.

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2010-06-24 02:56:33 +0000
Your insurance might, but he lives with you. The friends insurance will cover it. My sons' friend drove my car and recked it, totaled it, I got a check from her insurance which was in Iowa, and mine was Az. insurance....because they had full coverage, which covered any car she drove....There you go, all you had to do was call me, I didn't know this, its funny how a person finds things out on Yahoo ......

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2010-06-22 21:14:09 +0000
Since your son is a minor, you are ultimately financially and legally responsible for his actions. Your friends' insurance should pay for the damages.

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2010-06-22 19:20:21 +0000
Your son will be required to pay for the damages. Your friend should have uninsured motorist coverage included on their insurance however. If that is the case, your friends insurance will pay for the damages and the insurance company will file a sue you to pay for those damages.

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