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 how much does it cost to get a new driver's license?
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 Good rule of thumb for uninsured insurance?
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UI costs $200 extra a year which seems ...

 I am 19 years old, have no family support, and I cant afford insurance on my own?
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 consequences for drunk driving MA?
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 Does my driving instructor need to be in the car in my driving test?
Or can I tell him I don't want him in the car while I'm doing my test?
Additional Details
So did you tell him/ask him before? Or was it him that said he wasnt going?...

 my brand new car was hit? help me?
I just got my 07 car 3 weeks ago, and few days ago some one hit my car. My car was park on the street and this lady hit the right back of my car with her car. I can't drive it now, I believe ...

 do you get charge for bumping someone car?
ok something is worng with my car because sometimes my car will jerk off, but yesterday i was stuck in traffic and when i went to press the gas petal **lightly** i bump some lady from behind. there ...

 I met with an accident.i am at fault.I do not have enough insurance to cover the other persons vehicle?
I met with an accident.i am at fault.I do not have enough insurance to cover the other persons vehicle.His insurance company is going to pay the full claim from him.My insurance company will pay only ...

 Hit an Run what are my chances?
I recently got a hit from behind. Luckily it wasn't a huge hit. But the other car took off but it was snowing and I had no chance of taking down their plate. Instantly after the hit the punk ...

Hi All,

Recently someone broke into my work van parked outside my flat overtime and stolen all the tools and other expensive telephone equipments. The van and all its content belongs to my ...

 if you were driving 260miles, how much will that cost in petrol?

Additional Details
its a hyundai ...

 inquiry into the workings of gap insurance on vehicle, what does it cover?
gap cover goes up to 25,000, loan from bank to pay the car finance off, if your car is stolen or written off does the gap insurance cover the bank loan that payed off the car finance? am very very ...

if you are in a car accident can the passenger be used as a witness?
no one has been injured just damage to the car
Additional Details
my insurance company has told me that the person who was in my car can not be used as a witness

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yes .

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Captain Jack

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Fred C
A passenger can always be used as a witness. If it is a hesaid/shesaid argument over who went through a red light, or who didn't signal, the witness can be considered biased, however. Hopefully there is another witness to corroborate the testimony of the passenger, and hopefully the passenger isn't a spouse or close relative, because the testimony will be considered coloured as well as biased.

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Dont listen to the first two people- they clearly dont work for insurance companies. Insurance companies and police arent stupid. They know that a witness that is in your car is going to side with you in an accident. That is why they only use independent third parties as witnesses. This means no one that was in your vehicle and no family members or anything that happen to be on the road behind you at the time.

So no, they cannot be a witness to make a long story short.

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No. A passenger's testimony is worthless. Only a third party, independent witness will be used in an insurance investigation.

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I rarely differ from Cowboy Bill, but this is a REAL BIG pet peeve of mine, when insurance companies do this. But they are out there, and they take that position. Logically, it would stand to reason that the passenger may be biased and subject to lying to help you. And yes, an independent witness is ideal for an investigation. However, judges and juries get to hear their testimony in court, and they weigh the credibility of the person and decide from there. That's what the insurance companies should do. Sometimes passengers give statements and totally hose the driver of the car they were in because they are truthful and the person is at fault. Also, in arbitration, you can submit a passenger's statement as evidence for the panel to review, and the passenger's statement is considered a witness statement. I hear arbitrations regularly, and I worked in the claims Litigation unit for many years and saw cases all the way from the filing of a suit to the trial. You have to determine if the testimony is credible. You should take the statement and determine if it's enough to support either person.

If you intend to push this issue, I would recommend pointing out the fact that passengers can testify in court and be considered witnesses and ask for the same consideration that a finder of fact lilke a judge or jury would give you in a court of law. You may not win out though- this may be a standing policy at that company and they're sort of right about the potential bias of a passenger.If you succeed, you better hope your passenger helps and doesn't hurt you. However, like I said they may determine not to use it or give it little to no credibility, and that's their right. Anytime I hear someone who works with me tell another person passengers are not witnesses I smack him/her.

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