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Emily L
if someone gave me a car, and signed title over to me, can they take it back?
so last november my mom gave me a car. 1989 cadillac. i havent registered it yet because i need insurance and i havent been able to do that. well now she is mad at me and wants to come get it. she wants me to send her the title. but i dont want to because i am going to need it once we sell one of our other ones. she said dont bother getting the title, she went and got a new one but i have the original. and its signed to me.can she do this?

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*Proud Mommy & Army Wife*
Well if your name and her name is on the title ya'll are both owners of the car.So it belongs to ya'll both.If on the title it's only your name she can't take the car back it's your car.Hope this helps.Good Luck!

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You need to check and see how long you have to do a title transfer. If that time has elapsed, then the signed title means nothing. If you are still within your time frame, go do a title transfer. at least get the title in your name and worry about getting it street legal another time. If your time has elapsed then it is her car again.

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best answer
i dont hink so, if its signed to you, she cant. take the car to another location. if she wants to do you wrong, dont let her. simply take the car else where sad dont let her bully you.

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I love alex!
If you havent registered it yet, to register the car in your name, to receive an owners registration, then the car is still in your mothers name.It would be a bad idea to drive it unassured, i would make sure you had proof of insurance. She got a duplicate because she claimed to have lost the original title.

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Yes, she can, and did. She gave you a car, but you never bothered to put it in your name. That left the title in her name, she applied for a lost title, and has a duplicate which render yours null and void.

No one to blame but you for not taking care of business in a more timely manner. 9 months was surely enough time to take care of it.

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if she gave it to you, title and all the legal stuff, than you either need to sign it back over or she has to steal it. besides, its not cool to give someone something that demand that it be returned. if it comes to it: tell her no.

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She will claim that you forged her signature on the title. She went to the DMV and told them she lost the title and she got a replacement.

You should have put it in your name when you had the chance.

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Can she take the car back? Legally, no. You have at least a verbal agreement and that is just as binding as a written document...If you want, you can go to small claims court. If she signed the title a simple handwriting verification can prove it...

You can transfer the title to your name without registering the car..

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Tara Chambers
A lawyer talking here - -

She gave you the car. At that point, it became yours. You didn't do what you should have with regard to putting the title in your name, but that doesn't change the fact that she gave it to you. What you have here is a document problem, not an ownership problem. Laws vary from state to state, but your signed title should still be good enough to transfer. Make a copy first just for safety, but take it into the DMV and do the title change before she signs over the replacement to someone else and they get a new title.

What she did by getting a new title is to commit fraud with the state. But don't look for prosecution here. The state would look at this as more a civil issue than a criminal one.

If you want to make sure you have all your ducks lined up, take it to small claims court. A judge will rule in your favor so long as there are no other issues that you haven't disclosed here. If you owed money on the car or the gift was part of another agreement, then you might have another problem.

The downside to going to court however, is that you pretty much burn the relationship. I've seen very few cases where one family member has sued another and it all worked out in the end. On the flip side, if she's already burned it, then you have nothing left to lose.

My preference would be just to go get the title changed and not worry about going to court unless you have to.

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