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 I have a motorcycle with Geico motorcycle insurance. Am I covered if I buy a car with temporary registration?
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 DMV printout,.,,,,will it show DUIs from over 10 years ago? do dui's stay on your driving record forever?

 Driver not accepting Liabability?
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 omg car accident, no car!?
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 Can your license be suspended if you have and accident and don’t have insurance, even if I pay for the damage?

 Can car tags be transferred state to state?
We are moving from Virginia to Florida in August. We have VA plates with 2012 tags. Also, in VA annual state car inspections are required and you have to have a sticker on your car to prove it. To ...

 Help on an insurance question...?
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I'm Currently 17 years old, and i was Wondering i am Legible to Put car Title in My name?
is it possible or how old do i have to be? or what is Required?...

 expired car tags...?
what happens when you get pulled over with expired tags but you have proof of insurance and a valid license....

 Do you know about getting your drivers license once you are 18?
i never passed drivers ed so i'm just waiting until i turn 18 to go to the dmv and get my license.. i'm not sure how it works though such as how long it would take to recieve my license and ...

 when getting a first time car insurance~~~?
i live in toronto, canada and had an accident almost 3years ago driving my father's car under his name is on an insurance.
Right now i am trying to get my own car with my own insurance.

 When you're 17 and you still don't have a permit you do you HAVE to go to driving school?
Or do you immediately take the road test?

Would it take a road test 6 months for them to give you it? :/...

 Can I apply for a UK provisional driver's license if I don't have a UK passport?
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 Someone broke into my car!!?
So I woke up this morning and found out my windows are all smashed into pieces;
They weren't able to get anything, but my citation or speeding ticket that i got recently.
I know they ...

 Old auto loans at bank?
I inherited my dad's truck after he died. Its a 1993 Ford with 250,000 miles. Its pretty much broke down. I'm wanting to sell it. I'm told to get the title transferred into my ...

 Learners license?
Is the computer test to get you learners hard? Did you fail? How many questions are there? How many of u read the book? ( not that i'm not going 2 read the book) HELP!...

ok well i turned 18 and i went to go apply for a permit and i got it. than i was going to make an appointment for the driving test for the license. But i got my wallet stolen (my permit was in there) ...

 Sold Car with clean GA title but ended up being stolen?
I sold a car with a clean georgia title to a person out of state, and when that state did a vin check on it, it came up stolen in another state and the buyer wants her money back. I titled it ...

how to write a authorization letter to let my friend drive my car?
i would like to write a letter to authorize my friend can drive my car ,pls help me.

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2010-08-19 06:30:40 +0000
First of all your vehicle is insured so anyone that drives it is covered as long as they have a valid drivers license and is with your consent, and not on a permanent basis. Say he/she wants to drive it because he/she is visiting you, the vehicle is insured so if an accident occurs as long as your friend has a valid drivers license, has not been drinking, or braking the law (running from the police, committing crimes stuff like that, not accidental road crimes that can cause an accident as missing to see a stop sign) when the accident occurred, and most important your consent. However if your friend is to actually drive the vehicle under your name he/she must be placed as a second operator on the vehicle and usually there is an additional insurance cost. In some cases if your friend has a vehicle of their own somewhere in say another state or province, their insurance will actually pay for any damages they cause while operating your vehicle so your insurance will not be affected.

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2010-08-19 12:58:21 +0000
You shouldn't need a letter. I've never heard of such a thing. Who will you send the letter to?

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2010-08-19 06:26:09 +0000
There is no specific from that is required. Just do a standard:

"I, erica give oklatom permission to drive my vehicle (set dates if needed)"

Sign it, get it notarized.

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