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 Queensland Learners Logbook?
I have Finished my logbook i sent it away and i got a call and a lady told me they have accepted it
what happens now
do i get a letter and then go for my test
do i just go for it and ...

 How soon can I renew my auto tag?
I got a renewal notice by mail and it's about 2 months before I have to officially re-new it (on my birthday) Can I renew it now or wait to be closer to my BD? I live in FL. Thanks for any ...

 In phoenix AZ, how old do you have to be to skip the permit test and just get your Driver's license?

 Will I have a license to drive a moped?
Ineed answer please!...

 i recently sold my car without title / pinkslip. I have it now, but is that all i need?
i sold my car 4 days ago without the pinkslip because i renewed my registration 2 weeks ago and they were sending me my title through mail.

When i went to the DMV to ask about my situation,...

 Is it ok to take driver's ed online??
Im taking it at driversed.com

i want to know if its a good idea, to do this, thanks:)

and also, after i take drivers ed, do i get a permit or a license??


 Question on teenage drivers?
Say you have a 3rd vehicle which is only used for pleasure and it is in one of the parents name.

When the teenager is of age for his license, can he drive that car without actually putting ...

 where can i go too get an alaska vehicle registration application?
i lost the original alaska title and i need to know where i can go to get the application forms to get a duplicate title. i reside in arkansas now and need to get forms to file for a lost title in ...

 How much is Straight Truck Insurance?
Well i am planning to start a small moving company and i was trying to figure out how much Insurance will be for the truck itself....

 i need someone to take over my car title i live in reading. pa?

 Progressive not paying on their claims has anyone else had problems with this company?
I was in involved in a auto accident where i was side swiped by a progressive insured driver. I Pulled over in a parking lot and the lady that hit me said that she could not speak English and to wait ...

 I'm getting a car for my sweet sixteen tomorrow what should i get?
I come from a rich family and my Father said I can get any car I want.
I know I sound rather spoiled. I was looking at the Lamborghini dealer, and the Ferrari dealers. I'm very interested. ...

 need advise on a hit and run?
the other night i passed by a freind and he waved me down to pick him up. As i stopped to pick him up at the intersection i did not notice the car in front of me and i slowly and very softly bumped ...

 Help on auto repossession...?
We had a vehicle that we fell behind on payments with. We told the bank that we couldn't make the payments and would like to voluntarily give up the vehicle. This all happened in 2006. On Nov 21,...

 How can i get driving license back?
I got red "P" and i got suspend for 3month but i getting it back next year and i would like to how can i get it back after 3month. Do they send it back to my house or should i have to go to ...

 What Licence Do I Need To Drive A G-Wiz?
I know that the G-Wiz comes under a L7e quadricycle classification, so what licence do I need and what is the minimum age I can begin to drive it on the roads. Thanks....

 Can a car be registered in a LLC when the company is in a different state then your residence?
We presently live in NC. We have an investment company under a LLC in PA. We need to buy a vehicle for the company. But we don't want to register it here in NC, because they tax cars every year. ...

 Is car insurance for a second driver over 25 years of age free in Canada?
My girlfriend will be getting a car soon, and will be buying an insurance policy. I am 25 years old and have been driving for around 8 years. Do I need to purchase a second insurance policy to be ...

 Permit/Full License Question?
I'm 15 and I'm turning 16 July 17th. I live in New York state and want to get my license here so i can pratice driving over the summer. Then at the end of the summer im moving to Virginia. I...

 Driving a semi truck in south dakota????
whiel in south dakota u can get a restrictd license at 14 and i was just wondering if you can drive a semi truck or not with a restricted, if not what is the age limit

p.s. this is just ...

Randi m
how much compensation can i expect to get after a car accident?
my boyfriend and i were in a car accident about a week ago. we were travelling through a green light when someone turned left infront of us. both cars were totalled off. now my boyfriend and i have both been to the doctor who told us we have to attend physio. i have back spasms and my boyfriend has numbness in his shoulders. the insurance company told me that we may be recieving compensation, im just intrested to know how much i can expect. im looking to purchase a new car so i want to take into account the money i may be recieving.

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Jeronimo Rock Hopper
Sounds like very minor injuries like muscle spring and cramp and bruising, that will heal with no treatment.

But with a high quality sleezy lawyer, he may be able to come up with a good scheme to net you folks and the lawyer millions.

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♥ Uwish ♥
Once you are done treating for your injuries the adjuster will review all of the medical bills and records pertaining to the loss.

You can expect to receive the cost of your medical bills and maybe a nominal amount for compensation.

Remember, there is no law that states the insurance has to pay you compensation for an accident.

Furthermore, it will depend on what state the accident happened in. If you live in a state that had PIP (personal injury protection) you will have to submit the bills to your own carrier first. If the bills exceed the threshold, Then you can make a claim w/ the tortfeasors company. Otherwise you are unable to collect.

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Does not sound like big injuries to me so i don't think you will get much. But i would hire a solicitor if you think you can get compensation who deals with car accident compensation and road traffic accident compensation.

They would be the best people to ask. It does not cost anything to speak them and see if you have a case. Try the source out below who deal with road traffic accident compensation.

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Their insurance company will pay you current market value for your vehicle (NOT NADA, KBB, the original sticker price or replacement value). If you owe on your loan than the vehicle is worth, then your gap insurance (if you have it) will have to cover the difference. They will also pay you for medical costs incurred from the accident. As for "pain and suffering", there's no telling what they may offer. If you have debilitating pain or have had to take significant time off of work because of the accident, then you can ask that they pay you for lost wages and/or pain and suffering. Don't expect lot though. If you truly think that your injuries justify more than the company is offering you, you will have to go to court to get it. Good luck to you!

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What you have are soft tissue injuries that will heal with good treatment and time. There is no formula for bodily injury settlements, they take into account the severity of your injuries. Most large settlements come from life altering injuries, disfigurement, loss of limb, fatalities. Sometimes it depends on the state you reside in as some have a cap on settlement amount.

The other parties carrier is responsible for reasonable/necessary treatment, pain/suffering & loss of wages. Don't get ahead of yourself as it not going to be an amount that you can buy a car with..

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